Designer Boutique Style for Your Little Ones with Trish Scully

My children always (well almost always) look nice.  I have never been one that has been concerned with brand names rather I want comfort and what fits me.  We are on a tight budget that doesn’t mean we have to compromise style and quality.

When I stumbled across the boutique designer Trish Scully I immediately fell in love with the design and detail of her pieces.  They are sleek and whimsical.  All the attention to the little details make each piece unique and beautiful.  They provide everyday glamor for the girls in your life.

I received the Floral Fantasy Princess Dress and the fabric is beautiful.  It has a luxurious, soft feel.  The print is amazing and the colors are a perfect fit for fall.  The deep golden yellows and dark reds look perfect on my little one.

There is great attention to detail.  Addie loved the beaded neckline; it looked like a pretty necklace to her and was thrilled to wear the dress.

I am a practical purchaser and with the colder weather approaching I love that there is enough room in the dress to comfortably wear a long sleeve turtleneck with it. It will allow me to continue to wear our beautiful dress despite the changing seasons.

You can purchase chic designer clothing for your little princess from Trish Scully Child online.   Be sure to check out the amazing selection that she offers.  You can even get a peek at what is new for 2013!   To stay current with all the new designs being offered be sure to connect with Trish Scully on Facebook as well!

The goal of Trish Scully is to develop contemporary children’s clothing in vintage-inspired fabrics, providing glamour and luxury for infant and young girls worldwide.  I think that is something they do accomplish without a shadow of a doubt!

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