Disney Kids Mickey Party – The Magic is Endless

I was provided with free products and perks to host a Disney Kids Mickey Party.  The opinions, experiences shared and love of Disney are my own.

I have often been asked if I feel that taking my young children to Disney is a waste of money, as they likely won’t remember the experience.  That question is deserving of it’s own blog post.  The whole-hearted truth, absolutely!  The short of the answer is that while they may not remember each and every detail, as toddlers, they see things differently.  The first time they meet Mickey, the sparkle in their eyes, the first time they ride Dumbo or see the castle, it’s magical in a way that can’t be replicated.  The pure joy is totally worth it.

We don’t get to visit as often as the children would like, but that doesn’t mean we can’t share our love of Disney at home.  We have had the privilege in the past of hosting a Disney Kids Mickey party, each and every one is equally exciting, this year was no different.  Disney provided us with an awesome American Tourister suitcase packed full of fun goodies to share this year’s theme “The Magic is Endless” with our guests.


First off was planning the décor.  Our theme was Mickey + Friends and although it would have been easy to replicate our previous Mickey party, we decided we would keep the same colors but create a different look.  I ordered a black and white dot table cloth for our backdrop.  Then we made pom-pom tissue paper garlands in red and yellow.  Once we added balloons in red, yellow and blue, we were all set for our color scheme.

Disney Kids Mickey Party - OurHomemadeLife.com

We knew we wanted to create a photo booth area with props.  Instead of going with a black background, we choose a red and white table cloth.  The biggest hit was the larger than life Mickey balloon!  From the moment my husband inflated him with helium, Caleb and Bethany were smitten.  Caleb kissed him over and over and even carried him from room to room.  Miss B danced and danced around him.  Whenever I couldn’t find them, they were tucked away in the corner with Mickey.  All the kids loved the large Mickey.  He wasn’t the real thing but an awesome substitution and such an added treasure for our party.

Disney Kids Mickey Party - Photobooth - OurHomemadeLife.com

Party Food

This year we decided to keep it simple with food.  We made gluten-free brownie cupcakes, mickey shaped rice crispy treats, popcorn and Copycat Disney Cinnamon Almonds.  To make it fun, we used Mickey + Friends themed paper plates, napkins, cups for the popcorn and cupcake liners.

Disney Kids Mickey Party - Mickey Cupcakes - OurHomemadelife.com
Disney Kids Mickey Party - Snacks - OurHomemadeLife.com
DIY Mickey Mouse Rice Crispy Treats - OurHomemadelife.com
DIY Copycat Disney Cinnamon Almonds - OurHomemadeLife.com

Austin helped me to make the Mickey cupcake stand.  It was quick, so cute and he was excited to put it together.  He was so proud to tell everyone he helped make it.  The mickey shaped rice crispy treat I placed on paper straws and wrapped them in clear plastic bags.  These were placed in small pails with yellow crinkle paper in them.  They were a cute edible decoration.

DIY Mickey Mouse Cupcake Stand - Ourhomemadelife.com

Fun and Games

We played several games and they were all huge hits!  I have found with toddlers and young children, it is best to plan several games but be flexible.  Depending on how the party is going, and if meltdowns are ensuing, we don’t always get to play them all and that’s okay too.  So onto the games…

Hidden Mickey – Disney provided us with cards to hand out to the children and a page with eight Mickey silhouettes.  We hid these throughout the back yard and as the children found them they colored in one of the Mickey’s on their card.  They had a great time finding all the hidden Mickey’s.  This is such a fun game because they can work together and it doesn’t require everyone doing the same thing at once.

Disney Kids Charades – Who doesn’t acting like someone else?  We cut out a piece of paper with Disney characters on them and the children tried to act like the character.  Everyone else tried to guess who they were.  It makes for lots and lots of laughs.  You could also do this Pictionary style if the children were slightly older.

Mickey + Friends Dice – This was a game we created and gifted to the guests in our goody bags.  It’s a Disney version of another fun dice game.  We made the dice out of 1″ wooden blocks and I created printables so you can create your own also!  It’s so much fun and can be played over and over again.

Goody Bags

We always like to give little gifts when hosting parties.  We have found that it doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate for the kids to love them.  This year we found an awesome deal on some Disney themed watches that we decided were perfect to include so we picked up a dozen.  We also included Mickey stickers, a glow wand, the Mickey + Friends dice game (one per family) and a package of HP Social Media Snapshot printables provided from HP.

Disney Kids Mickey Party Goody Bags

Although we didn’t accomplish everything on our list, we undoubtedly had a great time.  After spending two weeks back to back with my daughters in the hospital, we needed a good dose of fun.  Our DisneyKids playdate didn’t disappoint!  I took countless photos, smiles were found on everyone’s faces and we made lots of memories.  It is in those moments that I smile inside even bigger than on my face.  It is memories like these that will be filed away in my children’s hearts and minds.  When they think about Disney, these will also be memories they have.  Disney memories made at home, because the magic is truly endless!

Disney Kids Mickey Party - Photobooth Fun - OurHomemadeLife.com
Disney Kids Mickey Party - Photobooth Fun - OurHomemadeLife.com
Disney Kids Mickey Party - Photobooth Fun - OurHomemadeLife.com
Disney Kids Mickey Party - Photobooth Fun - OurHomemadeLife.com

I want to thank Disney and sponsors (American Tourister, Pop Secret, Softsoap, Pillow Pets, HP and My Printly) for providing us with the opportunity to share our Disney love with our family and friends.

Visiting Disney is truly a magical experience that I wish that everyone, especially the little ones should have the privilege to experience at least once.  Once you visit, sadly once isn’t enough.  Most who love Disney start thinking or planning their next Disney vacation before they even leave Disney.  Disney welcomes families with little ones and even offers special packages so families with toddlers can have mini Disney vacations at affordable prices.

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