Five Ways to Reward Your Children with Disney Pins

Back when we were planning our 10th anniversary trip to Disney, I knew with this trip we wanted the kids to start pin trading.  They were interested in all the beautiful pins when we went last summer but we just didn’t make the move to start.  Back before Bryan and I married (over 10 years ago) I collected some, my younger sisters loved them, and my Mother had quite a few collectors pins.  It was something that was fun, something we enjoyed doing together, searching for specifics everyone wanted and surprising each other with what we found.

I knew that pin trading would be a memory in itself for my children.  They have their favorite characters, and of course, there are hundreds of different Mickey pins to collect, right?  That would not be an issue, finding too many would be more like it!

The Start to our Disney Pin Collection

There are so many ways you can surprise your kiddos (big and small) with a few Disney pins to get them started!  I had a few still that I knew I wouldn’t mind them trading and then I got on Ebay and ordered some.  To get started, this is a really inexpensive way to have a few to get you going when you get on Disney property.  I was able to get 25 for under $20.  Now to find fun ways to reward the kids with the pins.  Since finding out I was having complications with my pregnancy in January, we had to cancel our trip, but that doesn’t mean we can be excited and ready for our next Disney World trip!

My Top Five Ways to Reward Your Children with Disney Pins!

  1. Who says all treats need to be sweet?  Use the pins as a reward instead of treats!
  2. If you have a trip planned, create a countdown calendar and place one pin to be discovered every day or randomly so finding them is fun!
  3. Use them as rewards for completing their chore chart.
  4. Go on a scavenger hunt and place one pin with each clue!  This is a great way to get everyone active and engaged.  If it is cool outside, do your hunt indoors, if not take it outside!  Even little ones can play along and instead of writing the clues, draw them.  Make it simple so they can feel good in finding them on their own.
  5. Plan a treasure hunt and like the scavenger hunt, make your treasure map easy with pictures so even your young one can find the treasure!  To make it more real, you can get a small box that locks (or make a chest type box) and hide the key separately so there is more to find.  Instead of opening a box of shiny coins, they are rewarded with their Disney pins instead!  My kids had a blast painting their own wooden treasure chests I purchased.  I also love this one that would be a fun afternoon project to do with your kids!

There are so many other fun ways to reward your children with something that won’t disappear today, tomorrow or even in a few years. Disney pins are something that like a trip to Walt Disney World, can hold such memories. 

I can’t wait for my kids to pick out the pins at the Disney Parks that will create those memories for them.  I know they will have characters they will want from their favorite rides (Addie wants a Dumbo pin and Winnie the Pooh!)

One of my younger sisters was on a mission many years ago to collect a Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs series.  We fell short of one pin, Grumpy I think that I want to try to find for her.  Here is a picture of our last family trip to Walt Disney World before I got married.  Can you tell we were pin traders?

If you are planning an upcoming trip to Disney, why not think about fun and creative ways you can reveal Disney pins to your children (young or the young at heart) as a way to build excitement for your trip!

Do you have a Disney Pin Collection or have you thought about starting one?


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  1. I read about the pins before our first trip, but our kids are still so young. I’m thinking of doing this for our next trip- which is too far away. 😉

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