Disney Princess Pley Box: Rapunzel Review

Who wants a Disney Princess Rapunzel Pley Box full of Disney princess goodies?  My little princesses!!!

Dancing, singing and dresses are a part of my girl’s everyday life.  When they get dressed in the morning, they more often than not come out fully dressed, but also with the added bonus of a Disney princess dress-up dress on.  When they have their evening showers, they emerge in pajamas and, you guessed it, a princess gown. To say that their gowns get a lot of wear is an understatement.

My Disney Princess Dressed Up Like Rapunzel

Both my girls love all things princess from the gowns to the crowns and sparkly shoes.  Soon they will be grown up and no longer interested so right now while they want to princesses, they are princesses daily.

When they visit Disney and get to meet and interact with their favorite princesses, well it’s like a real dream come true!

The legal stuff: When the people behind Pley.com reached out and asked if we wanted to try out their Disney Princess boxes, it was a resounding yes from the girls!  I received the box in exchange for sharing my honest and unbiased opinions with you all.  These are our real feelings.  The links are our affiliate links, so if you choose to purchase a box using our links, we receive a small commission that helps us run our site.  It isn’t required but we always appreciate it if you choose to do so! 

The Disney Princess Pley Boxes are a subscription box that arrives every two months and each month will feature a different princess.  The box I am sharing with you below is the Rapunzel themed box this month, although they are not all guaranteed to be the same.

Princess Pley Box Rapunzel

What is included in the Disney Princess Rapunzel Pley Box?

Each and every box will allow you to recreate a fabulous scene from the princess’ past.  This allows your little princess to create their own version of the story, putting themselves into it.

What do I mean?

Disney Princess Rapunzel Pley Box

Disney Princess Pley Box Rapunzel Tower

Each box features a unique piece that they can color and put together to create a fun part of the princess’ story.  This month’s box was all about Rapunzel!  Inside her box came all the pieces to color and build her tower.  My girls had a ball coloring and then (helping me) piece it together.  It does require a little adult assistance.  It’s truly adorable.

Each box features unique pieces, just for your little princess.  This box included a set of character figurines for the new Tangled series.

Disney Princess Rapunzel Pley Box

Disney Princess Rapunzel Pley Box

Seeing how much Rapunzel loves her artwork, it includes a fun, no water needed painting set.  Miss B loves to paint and couldn’t wait to pull this out and get started.  It was a hardcover book, with a magnetic closure with five paint markers, a thick pad of paper and a cute folder for them to store all their beautiful artwork in.

Disney Princess Pley Box Rapunzel Paint Set

Disney Princess Pley Box Rapunzel Light Up Wand

Disney Princess Rapunzel Pley Box

The lighted flower wand was also a huge hit!  My girls love anything that lights up and use wands when they sing and dance every single day.  They were over the moon to add another wand to their collection.  It was gold with purple jewels on the wand itself and had a cute flower on the end that lights up.

Each month also includes a small storybook that gives the basic instructions to build their story piece (and there are great YouTube videos as well), coloring pages, a maze and a story.  Do my children love digital books?  Absolutely!  But they also love real tangible books to have and hold.

Disney Princess Rapunzel Pley Box

There are no commitments, you can purchase a single box for $29.99 (with shipping), 3 boxes for $28.99/box (with shipping) or 6 boxes for $27.99/box (with shipping).  You can find out more about the Disney Princess Pley Box here.

The items would have been more if we had purchased them at full retail price and they are all, authentic Disney merchandise.  The girls were over the moon about the box, the excitement of seeing what was inside, building their story piece and simple having new princess items to add to their collection.  It was totally worth the excitement!

Since we don’t know which princess will be next, they are just speculating who it will be!  Not knowing for them is half the fun.  I can’t wait to find out and plan a fun craft to post with our next box.

Which Disney Princess would your little princess want to receive?

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