Disney Social Media Moms – The Celebration

I was invited to attend the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. While Disney did shower us with lots of Disney love, I did purchase a deeply discounted conference ticket to attend. All opinions shared in my blog posts are 100% my own.
dsmmc sandcastle

There a reason that the name of the event is Disney Social Media Moms CELEBRATION!  It is truly a celebration in every sense of the word.  From the moment you arrive, until the final party, it is a celebration like none other.  Leanne and her amazing team at Disney and Maria and her amazing team at BSM Media plan for this event all year and it shows in each and every detail.

dsmmc centerpieces mbb

After the conference day, we were hosted by Mylan for a beautiful beach party, Mickey’s Beach Bash to be exact.   The beautiful sandy shore at the Beach Club resort was lined with tables decorated with tropical centerpieces.

dsmmc band

There was a live band with dancing.  They were so talented and dancing with your toes in the sand,  what could be better?

dsmmc mickey family

Mickey and his crew was available to meet and spend a little more than the normal time you get at a character meeting at Disney.  My kids were so excited!

The food was phenomenal, I can just taste the chowder from the make your own chowder bar with crab, lobster and shrimp.  It truly was mouth-watering.  They even planned for fun beach toys to keep the kids occupied in the sand.   My kids had the pleasure of hanging out with Megan, such a kind editor from Babble. dsmmc family It was a night to remember!  Next morning was an early one, but we were ready.dssmc dumbo We were escorted into the park before it was even opened for our filmed rides.  I selected Dumbo for my family as it was the option all of us could ride.  Miss B was beyond excited.  Do you know what it was like to be in the park with no one else?  Amazing!  Next we were taken for a private screening for Inside Out.  It is such a special movie that we will be adding to our library for sure. dsmmc dumbo fireworks We were given the evening to spend free with our families and we went back to park, even making it until the fireworks.   What made it even more special?  We opened the day riding Dumbo before the park opened and we closed our day watching the fireworks while riding Dumbo.  Truth, it was Miss B’s favorite ride and we rode it a total of 13 times. dsmmc concert The final day was a beautiful presentation and wrap up by Ms. LeAnne herself.  During our breakfast we were treated to a very special performance.  It was bittersweet though knowing the event was coming to an end.   It was a packed few days of parties, characters, presentations, friends, family and above all….memories! dsmmc nemo pool

We extended our stay another six days at Walt Disney World where we were able to experience the Art of Animation resort.  It is perfection for families!

dsmmc thunder mtn

This trip gave us the opportunity to make so many memories to cherish.  Austin rode the Mine Train for the first time and Thunder Mountain, which was his favorite ride, 7 times in a row.  The girls and I rode the Little Mermaid ride over and over again.  We ate turkey legs and I walked down memory lane, as they were my mom’s favorite.

dsmmc parade

I have heard people say that you shouldn’t spend money on a Disney vacation until the children are truly old enough to enjoy it.  I am here to tell you that you shouldn’t wait until they are 10+.  There is something so special, something so magical experiencing Disney through the eyes of a child.  When they are young, they see the world differently than we do.  They find joy and happiness in small things we may not even notice.  They see things through the eyes of wonderment and awe.

Watching my own children experience the Electrical Light Parade brought back memories of my own childhood. I could see myself as a child, watching it with my family, seeing my mom and Grandma light up almost as much a the floats.  I can even remember where we were standing on Main Street.

With special glasses can you see my #HiddenMickeys on the castle?!!!? #DisneySMMC #DisneyKids #disneyside A photo posted by Amanda Fiveash (@ourhomemadelife) on

You know the vacation was a success when your children relive their memories each and every day.  Weeks later they never tire of telling you stories about the trip, looking at photos and watching videos that bring out the types of smiles that beam from their eyes.  The type of smiles that I can’t help but reciprocate, because I know these memories are “core memories”, golden moments that we were able to experience because of Disney Social Media Moms, and for that, I am eternally thankful.

Not a day passes by when they do not ask to return to Disney.  Disney is more than just a vacation destination.  Disney is a place to bring dreams to life and make memories that last far beyond the moments you live in.  I will forever cherish the moments we lived and the memories we made during Disney Social Media Moms Celebration 2015.

To read more about the DSMMC, visit our Surprise Invitation post, read about day one here and read the highlights of the Conference Day here.

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