Disney Social Media Moms – The Conference

I was invited to attend the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. While Disney did shower us with lots of Disney love, I did purchase a deeply discounted conference ticket to attend. All opinions shared in my blog posts are 100% my own.
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Disney Social Media Moms Celebration is so much more than just a conference but today I am going to share with you the meat of the conference day.  There are events scheduled over the four days of the event, but one day is specifically set aside as a conference day.  In that one day, so much is packed in with speakers on social media, social good, inspiration and of course all things Disney.

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We heard from Dr. Tonya Altman from Disney Imagineer Academy that is Disney’s Learning Division.  It is created for children that end each and every sentence with a question mark!  That is totally my son.  Over the course of the next few days we were able to see, and the children even had the chance to interact with some of the latest Imagicademy apps.  They loved them!

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Donald Driver was an amazing speaker!  He talked so much about his life’s experiences and talked about the choice we have to speak kindly or harshly to one another.  “It only takes seconds to say a harsh word, but it may take that person a lifetime to get over it.”

He spoke on success being a choice.  Be willing, be committed, and you will be successful.  Tell your story, what makes you happy.  Do it in an inspiring way.  In regards to blogging, put your passion behind your blog.  Put your passion into your posts.  “Stars do not struggle to shine.  Rivers do not struggle to flow.  You will not struggle because of the power of your passion.”  He suggested we look in the mirror and ask ourselves, Why do I blog?  What is my passion?  Does it show?  Make the choice!

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We heard from Jonas Rivera, Producer & VP of production of Pixar.  He told us is you put Snow White, Star Wars and Disneyland in a blender you, would get Pixar!  He talked a lot about the soon to be released Inside Out (which we were lucky to be treated to a private screening the following day!)  It is utterly amazing and a must see!

We were all touched and humbled by 11 year old Vivian behind STAND.  It is a true story of compassion in action.  You need to check it out!

There were so many more speakers that shared their knowledge and expertise, it was truly inspiring.  I was equally excited to learn about some of the new things Disney has in the works, including the new Rivers of Light on Discovery River at Animal Kingdom and Avatar Land coming in 2017.  I can not wait to experience the Rivers of Light, it looked breathtaking!

dsmmc when 4 u

Here were my key points that really touched my heart!

  • Get specificWho are you trying to attract?  You can’t be all things to everyone.  Be a great someone, not an okay everyone!
  • Are you a business or a white truck?  Know who YOU are and who you are serving!
  • Nurture your newsletter subscribers, don’t send out leftovers.  Just don’t do it!

ASK: What am I doing that really excites me?

DO: Fail often, learn oftener!  Learn from your mistakes.

SHARE: Brag, always about others!

Walt was turned away from 302 banks when searching for funding for Disney.  Don’t give up of your dreams!

Check back tomorrow when I share more about why it has Celebration in the name! And you can read about the surprise invitation and Day one of the event here.

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