DIY Etched Glass Mickey Handy Helpers Jar


In my house, I wear many hats and have many titles.  I am Mom, wife, chef, baker, maid, teacher, nurse, cuddlier and so many others.  Even on the roughest of days I remind myself just how fortunate I am to have three happy and healthy little people who call me all of the above.   I often think if there was one thing I could have more of it would be hands.  What mom doesn’t, right?

It is no secret we are huge fans of Mickey Mouse.  Daily we have some mention of Disney.  My youngest is begging to visit the Disney Castle right now.  He isn’t so much interested in the castle as he is in seeing Mickey, Goofy, Pluto and Donald.  Oh and don’t forget Chip and Dale or Minnie too.  They aren’t requested quite as often as the others but are mentioned none-the-less.  So we are starting a new Disney Fund this year.  It is more fun when we are all in on it together and the kids get to see the progress of savings.

When we made this jar several years back it was to hold something else, but since we are starting our 2018 Disney Fund it just seemed to fit. We lovingly refer to it as my “Handy Helpers”.


DIY Etched Glass Mickey Handy Helpers Jar

Supplies needed:


This can actually be a really simple project.  The hardest part of this diy etched glass tutorial in my opinion is the prep for the pattern.  I decided to create my jar with the “Handy Helper” gloves as my pattern.


Since you would ordinarily be using a stencil, I printed off a copy of the image I wanted to use and then very carefully cut out the image using a xacto type utility knife.  Trim the pattern down so that you have about an inch or two inches of paper around the edges of the pattern.


Now cover the pattern in clear tape.  Start at the top and overlay each layer by about 1/2″.  Continue until you have covered the pattern.  Repeat again.  Trim off most of the excess tape around the edges. Place your pattern on your cutting surface and using your craft knife, carefully cut the inside of the pattern away from the paper.  Don’t trim right next to the paper, leave about 1/8″ – 1/10″ so the tap will stick to the jar around the inside edges of your pattern.  (Alternatively, you can tape the pattern directly to your glass and cut it right on the glass itself if it is flat.  This can be a bit tricky though.)

It is hard to see in the phot, but I cut two small ovals that I used as the buttons from the tape.  I positioned them in the center of the gloves, but this doesn’t have to be added, it’s completely up to you.


Cover your workspace with newspaper.  Position the pattern where you desire on your glass.  Press firmly along the edges of the tape so they stick.  Tape all the outer edges of the pattern so it doesn’t move from the glass.

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Using a brush or a craft stick, place a thick layer of glass etching cream on the open part of your pattern.  Be sure that it covers all the edges. Wait 60 seconds and then rinse it off with water.  Remove your tape, rinse again and then dry.  Your pattern should now be etched into your glass.  (Glass etching cream is not to be handled lightly.  Do not touch it and if you feel more comfortable, wear gloves. As always, make sure to keep chemicals away from all children.

You can embellish your design with paint if you desire.  Decorate you lid in full Disney colors and then use as your savings jar for your Disney Fund or whatever your family will be saving for this year!

6 thoughts on “DIY Etched Glass Mickey Handy Helpers Jar”

    1. Thanks Ellen! My kids are big Mickey Mouse fans so “Handy Helper” hands were perfect! They have requested piggy banks for Disney too.

  1. Ohhh I love this; we usually keep our Finish (I love using finish, too… it’s the best..) in a glass jar, but personalizing would be soo cool. thanks for the super cool Micky idea.. Love it. Coupons are always awesome.

  2. That looks so cool. I didn’t realize that it was so easy to do on your own. PS – thanks for the Finish coupon. I need to pick up more when I run errands.

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