DIY Fall Place Setting and Utensil Holder

DIY Fall Burlap Place Settings -

When it starts to cool down the desire to bake and create hearty delicious meals kicks in.  I love the cooler weather of fall and all the it brings with it, including the deep, rich colors.  I was asked to create something in the fall theme for a simple fall centerpiece for the Arkansas Women’s Blogger site and while I was having fun with the burlap and ribbons I decided to make a matching diy fall place setting out of burlap.

DIY Fall place setting 3

I love burlap, though I am not quite sure why.  It is rough, leaves behind a mess and doesn’t always smell pleasant yet is still simple and warm.  It can be used to create so many looks and when I see it, I think of the fall and winter seasons.  I think of the country hills covered in the beauty of the fall colors, that is why it was so perfect to use as the base of this project!

DIY Fall Place Setting

To get started you will need to gather a few things:  burlap, ribbon, two small pieces of cardstock, twine or jute, a hot glue gun, stamps or markers.


To begin I cut a piece from my burlap that was 6 inches by 15 inches.  Fold the burlap up about 1/3 of the way and glue the edges closed.

diy fall place setting with burlap instructions

Then I used a leaf stamp on one of the colors of cardstock but rather than use ink, I used paint.  I wanted them to have more of a chunkier look.  Once they dried I cut them out.  Then I cut out a larger rectangle and attached it to the back.  I used a small dab of hot glue to attach them together but you could also use a hole punch as well.


Then I stamped the names with mini alphabet stamps I purchased at Michaels for only $1.  If you get a 40% off coupon you can snag a set for $.60!

I cut a small piece of cord and tied it into my button which I then glued onto my cardstock with the leaf on it.


I tied a piece of cord all the way around the burlap and tied it.  I then glued the cardstock on the knot, being careful to not let the glue go through to the bottom piece.


I choose to wrap the bottom in red and orange ribbon to finish it off, again using hot glue but being sure not to glue both pieces together.


Once it was finished, I inserted a napkin and silverware and the table was all ready to be enjoyed.  Looking for a fun fall themed kids craft? Check out our felt fall leaf garland.

DIY Fall Place Setting Made From Burlap

26 thoughts on “DIY Fall Place Setting and Utensil Holder”

  1. Very simple and beautiful! Burlap always makes me think of fall. I also love the sunflowers is the flower arrangement; it’s one of my favorite flowers, real or artificial :).

  2. OMG, I thought wow, and got more excited when I saw the glue gun idea…perfect! And I even have the burlap!!! My sister in law will love this idea!!

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