DIY-Free Block of the Month: Austin’s Rag Quilt

When I sat down and made my goal list for 2012 one of the items I wanted to tackle was to really get back into crafting.  I love crafts and enjoy so much making things with my hands.  One of the items I wished to tackle was to make Rag Quilts for each of the children.

I was so excited to find CraftsyCraftsy is an online crafters community.  They offer craft daily deals, patterns, online classes and a free Block of the Month Series!  I started a block of the month class locally with my Mother and sisters when I was pregnant but it was never finished (on my to-do list).  So I was so excited when I found their free online class!  There are 12 installments, each one posted on the first day of every month. The first 10 months/installments teach two new exciting blocks (brand new designs or funky spins on traditional blocks). The last two months are dedicated to finishing the quilt.  The nice thing is, you can take them at any time and re-watch it as much as you need to!

I decided I would try it out, but with a twist, I am still going to try to use repurposed and scrap cloth!  One of the reasons I had decided to make the rag quilts was to try something new and also to repurpose fabric.  I love the idea of making something that is no longer useful in the way it was intended once again useful and full of life.  Handmade items to me just say you care.  It not about the money of purchasing something for your loved one, rather it is the time and love that you spend that go into the detail of actually making something yourself.

This first block was made from a pair of my husband’s jeans that could not repaired and scraps from the curtains I am making for Austin’s room.  I decided we would use repurposed denim for Austin’s quilt along with some scraps and other repurposed clothing items.  It still needs to be trimmed to the final size but that I will do without the help of the kiddos.

When I look at something I made, it gives me a sense of accomplishment and pride (not prideful though).  I love the fact that my children have the desire and interest to take part in everything I do!  I started to learn to sew from a dear older friend was about 9 years old.  She was a stickler for perfection.  My first real project was a sundress and let me say, that summer a seam ripper became a dear friend.  Nona taught me I could do better, to strive to do better.  Now 20 years later I am not a perfectionist by any means.  With the children helping me how can I?  But I think that each project has its own character and I will look back upon the not so perfect seams with loving memories of my children helping me press buttons and guiding the fabric.  What is more important than that?

Why don’t you join me?  Even if you have never quilted before, the online tutorial is so great and shows you step by step in a very easy to understand way.  What do you have to lose, it’s free.

This is just one of the blocks from the first class, I will share the next block with you next week!

Do you have any repurposing projects in the works right now or an idea to share?  I would love for you to share!

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