DIY Great Wolf Lodge Outfit – Violet

I hadn’t yet told the children we would be heading to a visit at Great Wolf Lodge when I introduced them to the idea on YouTube.  We watched several surprise reveals and then short videos of others sharing the water parks at various locations.  I told them we would be visiting some day…. even though I knew we already had reservations.

My youngest loves meeting characters and was so excited by the idea that there would be characters at the Lodge to meet and interact with.  She watched the short one minute Great Wolf Lodge character intro videos over and over.  She had made up her mind she would meet Violet.  After a few weeks of watching, one of the kids suggested we dress like them.  A light went off!  We have Disnebounded before, so why not Wileybound or Violetbound?  It was pretty simple to see we could easily create a DIY Great Wolf Lodge Character outfit.

The outfits are actually simple to put together, with just adding a few simple touches but boy did they bring on the smiles!  My children were ever so excited to wear their outfits, even if they were disappointed that only Oliver was there to meet us on our three day visit.  (Side note: Not all the characters reside at each lodge.  Call the lodge a head of time to find out who resides at your location.  Two of the main characters were out for a wolf hike during our stay sadly.  In adult terms, nasty kids had damaged their costumes by a punch in the face and they were out for repairs.)

DIY Violet Costume at Great Wolf Lodge - Our Homemade Life

DIY Great Wolf Lodge – Violet Outfit

On to the outfit!  Miss B chose Violet.  She made an absolutely adorable Violet if I do say so myself!

The outfit was actually really easy, Violet wears khaki pants with violet trim.  I used a set of khaki pants I already had with pink trim.  If you wanted to you could sew a violet ribbon to the bottom edge.

Onto the shirt.  Violet obviously has to wear a Violet shirt!  I started with a basic violet colored shirt I purchased for just under $4.  Violet’s shirt has a pink stripe across the midsection with a bow.  Rather than cut that section of the violet shirt out, I decided to just sew on the stripe.  I used a t-shirt in my stash to cut the stripe of fabric from.

DIY Violet Costume at Great Wolf Lodge - Our Homemade Life

I measured the width of the shirt and then left about an inch extra to sew under the seam on the side.  I didn’t measure the height but eyed it about 4 to 4 1/2 inches.  Since we are sewing this stripe onto the material, we are sewing the wrong side (backside) of the pink fabric to the right side (front side) of the violet shirt.  Start at the seam and fold the first short horizontal edge under you will be sewing.  Then fold the edges down along the vertical seams and pin in place.  I folded the edge under about 1/2″ and sewed the seam at 1/4″ from the edge.

When I reached the ending seams on the side, I folded the final edge in.  Pinned it in place and sewed the seam closed.

DIY Violet Costume at Great Wolf Lodge - Our Homemade Life

There is a big bow on the side of Violet’s shirt so I simply sewed a 12″ by 2″ fabric strip together and turned in right side out.  Then I simply sewed them close.  I tied them into a droopy bow and hand sewed the bow to the shirt. I tacked it in place in several places so the loops would stay in place also.

Violet has the initial V embroidered on her shirt, so I quickly (maybe too quickly) hand embroidered a pink B on Miss B’s shirt to match.

We wore pink tennis shoes (Violets are actually pink and violet).  Then make or purchase a matching bow to wear in front of the wolf ears and you are all set!

DIY Violet Costume at Great Wolf Lodge - Our Homemade Life

Miss B loved that everyone knew who she was dressed as.  She was very disappointed she didn’t actually get to met Violet but we promised we would return to Great Wolf Lodge again so she would be able to meet Violet + Wiley.

Stay tuned for a diy Wiley outfit as well as all the details about our trip!

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