DIY Great Wolf Lodge Wiley Shirt

As we watched the Great Wolf Lodge videos on YouTube, the kids noticed that Wiley had a few different outfits.   He was in a scout outfit, in his swimming outfit and in what we decided was his everyday outfit.  We thought we would be the safest with matching his everyday outfit and it was really simple to put together.

How we decided to make outfits…

I hadn’t yet told the children we would be heading to a visit at Great Wolf Lodge when I introduced them to the idea on YouTube.  We watched several surprise reveals and then short videos of others sharing the water parks at various locations.  I told them we would be visiting some day…. even though I knew we already had reservations.

After a few weeks of watching, one of the kids suggested we dress like them.  A light went off!  We have Disnebounded before, so why not Wileybound?  It was pretty simple to see we could easily create a DIY Great Wolf Lodge Wiley shirt.

(Side note: Not all the characters reside at each lodge.  Call the lodge a head of time to find out who resides at your location.  Wiley and Violet were out for a wolf hike during our stay sadly.  In adult terms, nasty kids had damaged their costumes by a punch in the face and they were out for repairs.)

DIY Great Wolf Lodge Wiley Shirt

DIY Great Wolf Lodge Wiley Shirt

Materials Needed

  • Red t-shirt
  • 5″ square of freezer paper
  • Paw pattern
  • Black Matte Fabric Paint or Black Fabric Marker
  • Xacto Knife or Straight Blade

I have used a freezer paper stencil previously and decided it was the easiest way to create the paw print on the shirt.  To begin, print the pattern and decide which size you would like for your shirt.

Place the pattern on a hard cutting surface like a rotary mat or cutting board.  Then place the freezer paper on top of the pattern, waxy side down.  Carefully cut out the inside of the paw print that needs to be black.  Try to cut in small, slow moments to create a smooth cut.

Now you want to double check that the wax side is faced down and iron it in place on the shirt where you want the design.  The wax will create a seal so press the iron down firmly before you move you iron in a circular motion.

Now is the time to paint or color in with fabric markers your pattern.  We have created several shirts this way and usually prefer fabric paint but Austin really wanted to use fabric markers.  With the black, you will need to go over the pattern really well to make sure the color doesn’t bleed through.  Once your paw print is completely colored in, gently peel the paper off.

DIY Great Wolf Lodge Wiley Shirt

It is seriously that easy!

Pair your shirt with a pair of khaki pants and brown shoes and your little wolf pup will be outfitted just like Wiley!

If you have a little Violet, check out how to make a DIY Violet Shirt here.

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