10 Ideas for an DIY Herb Garden

various fresh and dried herbs

If you enjoy cooking up a storm in the kitchen, you probably use plenty of herbs. Rather than buying from the supermarket, it could be time to grown your own. Here are 10 ideas for an diy herb garden, even if you only have limited space.

Sunken garden

If you’re planning on remodelling your kitchen, why not include some sunken spaces fitted into your countertop? These are perfect for holding small flower pots as well as your favorite bottles of wine.

One large pot

For those limited on a space, one pot containing all of your chosen herbs should still bring some excitement to your menu. Basil, thyme and sage can all thrive in the same pot and your kitchen should smell great.


Old teacups

Dig out your old teacups and drill holes into the bottom of them using a jewelers drill. These can now be used to hold herbs, letting excess water can drain into the saucer. Choose a colorful selection and you’ll add some retro chic to your kitchen.

Cake stand

A three tiered wooden cake stand is a great way to hold a large selection of plants without taking up too much space. Use terra cotta pots for some added rustic charm.

Ceiling platform

Keep all of your herbs close to hand by hanging them above your main kitchen station. Such platforms are easy to install and will save heaps of floor space.

Gutter container

Attach a small section of rain gutter to a square piece of chalkboard. This can now be mounted to the wall for a unique centerpiece that is sure impress your friends.

organic vegetable plant for urban life

Hanging garden

A great choice for those living in an apartment where you can make use of a balcony to create a hanging garden. It’s easier than it looks with a tension rod, some wire, hooks and plant pots with handles.

Retro containers

Search the shelves of your local thrift store and you could find the perfect set of plant pots. Vintage tin containers for tobacco, coffee or tea add an inspired look to a windowsill.

Mason jars

The mason jar can be transformed into a miniature garden with the use of a flat, wooden board and pipe clamps. Simply secure several jars in place using the clamps and fill with herbs.

Use an entire wall

If you’re blessed with a large kitchen, it may be worth converting an entire wall. Use a shelving unit to maximize space and you can have a huge selection of herbs in all shapes and sizes.

herbs in colored buckets in garden

Once you’ve created your kitchen garden, take a look at an online gardening hub for more growing and maintenance tips. There are many vibrant and engaged gardening communites online which has made learning how to grow like a pro as easy as it has ever been.

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