DIY Homemade Bubbles (Giant Size)

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Homemade Bubbles -

Although it may not feel like it outside, it is springtime with the warm days of summer right around the corner.  What do you think of when you think of summer time?  For me, summer means more family time, warm days, giggles and laughs, playtime in the park, swimming, flowers, fresh garden produce, picnics, sprinklers and bubbles.  We yearn for those moments and crave the memories summer time brings.

With temperatures fluctuating, and most of the spring allergies behind us, we are taking advantage of free time and beautiful warm sunny days.

After being cooped up indoors from illness and then spring allergies, a picnic, playtime in the park and bubbles were just what the doctor ordered.  I packed us up a basket with a simple lunch, lemonade and sunglasses and then another basket with Dixie® Everyday paper plates, bubble wands and this diy homemade bubble solution.  It was perfect to mix up, place in a container with a spout, and to easily dispense.  I decided since the Dixie paper plates have a Soak Proof Shield™that they would be the perfect tray for the bubble solution after we enjoyed a picnic lunch.

Something that always warm my heart about my own children, is that despite being able to do some pretty amazing things during our travels, they still find such great joy in the simple moments as well.  It was a rather windy day, but the children smiled, laughed and giggled while we enjoyed the outdoors and each other during our picnic.  We kept it simple with sandwiches, chips, fresh veggies and lemonade but it was enjoyed just as much as large barbeque spread.

Picnics can also be hard when you are two and eager to play!  It may have been a little torturous for my two year old knowing there was a basket full of bubbles on the table next to us.  After we enjoyed dining al fresco, we blew bubbles, much with the help of the wind, and the children chased after them.  With the wind, the giant bubbles were a little harder to not pop, but the expression on the children’s faces as the large bubbles were formed was priceless.

You’d never guess how easy they were to whip up.


diy homemade bubbles

  • 6 cups of water
  • 3/4 cup blue Dawn dishsoap
  • 1/2 cup of corn starch
  • 2 Tablespoons glycerin
  • 1 Tablespoon baking powder

Bubbles are more fun when shared with little ones, so is bubble making.  This solution isn’t as thick as the bubble mixture you may purchase, but it does indeed work and makes some amazingly large bubbles!

I placed my water right into a plastic pitcher with a spout that made it easy to fill each Dixie® Everyday paper plate.  Then I added the corn starch and baking powder and mixed until well combined.  Once combined, sir in the dish soap and glycerin.  Stir well.  Let sit for 30-45 minutes prior to use.  As it sits, the corn starch will settle on the bottom, stir again prior to use.

Homemade Bubbles - Giant Size -

To make the giant bubbles, we used two plastic straws and yarn, forming a rectangle and then tying a knot in the yarn.  Fill your plate with enough diy homemade bubbles to cover the entire straw.  As you dip it in, be sure to get all the edges of the straw and all of the yarn in the solution.  Gently lift, and if the wind doesn’t form the bubbles for you, blow gently to form a bubble.

It doesn’t matter what age you are, bubbles are amazing!

As you shop for your summer picnic essentials at Dollar General this summer, be sure to pick up some of the fun Dixie® Everyday paper plates in their exclusive summer designs.  They are made with 5 layers and are 50% stronger than the leading store brands you might be used to which helps make them cut resistant and microwavable.  With the Soak Proof Shield™, they can handle anything from salad dressing to burger grease to homemade bubbles!  You can find them in the summer picnic section of your local Dollar General Store through the end of July.

Have you ever made homemade bubbles?

Homemade Bubbles with Simple Kitchen Ingredients -

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