DIY Kids Gift: Crayon Roll

diy crayon roll diy kids gift

Are you that mom that seems to find crayons in your car every day? I am! My kids love to draw and color. Addie is usually toting around her favorite coloring book while Austin tends to have a notebook. They both have little zipper pouches for their rayons and pencils but that doesn’t seem to contain them! I had seen crayon rolls for sale on Etsy and they looked like the perfect solution! After considering the cost I decided I would try to make them. I am so happy I did! Talk about easy!

If you have a little one in your life that loves to color or draw, this would make a great gifts accompanied by a sketch pad or coloring book!


To begin you will need:

  • 2 coordinating pieces of fabric 10″ x 14″
  • Button
  • Elastic or an Elastic Hair Tie


To begin, start with pinning your right sides together and sew three sides closed leaving one of the longer ends open.  Clip the excess off the corners to make them rounded.  Then turn it right side out, pressing the corners out with a small pointed object (like a pencil).

Crayon roll step 1

Fold up the longest end that is sewn about half way (you can measure with a crayon if you prefer.  Pin both sides, inserting a hair elastic on the right side.  Fold the top edges in, pin in place and sew all three seams.  Be sure to sew over the elastic several times to be sure it is sewn in place tightly.  Clip off the excess end on the inside.

crayon roll step two

Now using pins, measure off every 1 to 1 1/4″.  If you are planning to use this for the larger crayons or markers, give yourself just a little more space.  Sew a line next to each pin all the way from the top of the opening to the bottom of the fabric.   Repeat for each pin.  Trim off all excess strings.

Crayon roll step three

Now add your crayons, markers or pencils and measure where you will need to add your button.  Hand sew a button on one of the seams.

crayon rollu[ps

Now add a notebook, sketch pad or coloring book and you have a great gift for the budding artist in your life!

DIY Cryon Roll


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