DIY Lollipop Bouquet with YumEarth Lollipops

DIY lollipop bouquetWhile trying to decide how we would like to gift some of our favorite lollipops, we decided we would make a simple flower bouquet using our lollipops as the center of each flower.  Since the kids always want to be my assistants, we try to keep it simple and easy.

This bouquet is intended for one person but this could even be a cute idea if you made one in a flower-pot large enough for your child to take to school and could put each child’s name on a leaf tag for them to find.

DIY Lollipop Bouquet

This is a cute gift to go along with the saying, “If friends were flowers I would pick you!”

DIY valentines Lollipop BouquetWe started off with YumEarth Organic lollipops (suckers) and trimmed around the edges being sure not to cut into the seal.

Then I gathered scrap paper I had from scrapbooking to use for the flowers.  The kids decided on the colors and we cut them into about 3 1/2″ squares.  I used a circle cutter I have had for years from Creative Memories but any round hole punch would work that is about an 1″ in diameter for the center hole of the flower.

Then we free-handed cutting out the flowers.  Each one is unique and a little different but you could also trace a pattern onto your paper and then cut it out as well.

DIY Valentines Sucker BouquetUsing a hot glue gun (but you could also use craft glue) we put a tiny dot of glue on the top on the lollipop package and the bottom to attach the flower petals.

DIY Valentines Lollipop BouquetI had some flower picks that I used for stems but really even bamboo or wood skewers would work great also.  I simply added a dab of hot glue to the very top of the pick as well as one about 3 inches below where the bottom of the sucker would attach.  If you wanted to you could use the wire that is attached but I clipped it off as I didn’t want it to be an issue with the children.

To make the leaf tags easy, I used a tag punch I had but you could also free hand and just cut out leaves yourself.

I attached them with a small dab of hot glue as well.  If you were giving the bouquet to one person you could write a short saying on each one or if you were giving to a group you could write names on the tags.

YumEarth Sucker BouquetYou can be creative and use whatever you have around your house for a pot.  I used a simple, short vase but a cute mug or small pot would also be adorable. I filled mine with glass beads and the inserted my flowers.

A Little About YumEarth

YumEarth was a brand we were introduced to when my son was very young.  It was a company started by a two friends brainstorming about what kind of candy they would offer their own children.  One was a father of a toddler and so the quest began. They knew to provide something with higher quality ingredients they would need to find natural alternatives to what was currently being used.

They searched out citric acid made from Israeli sugar beets in place of genetically modified corn.  Red coloring from purple carrots, deep purples from black currants and yellows and oranges from organic pumpkins in place of artificial dyes.  I was sold then!  Austin has an allergy to red dyes so I was excited to find something that I could offer him that was pink and red in the place that wouldn’t make him bounce off the walls.

With their lollipops and candies being certified organic, made from real fruit extracts, kosher, and no gluten, tree-nuts, peanuts, dairy, soy, gmo’s or artificial colors, what is there not to love.  Each lollipop only contains 22 calories, so even those who are watching their calories can enjoy something sweet!

The flavors are amazing!

Truly, there is a flavor for everyone from my personal favorite of the sweet Razzberry, to the tartness of Sour Apple or Pomegrante Pucker you will not be disappointed.  Once you or your children have tried lollipops from YumEarth you will never look at other conventional lollipops the same again.  Go here to find a store near you carries YumEarth products.   I also frequently order them online from VitaCost as a treat for my children, you can get an awesome coupon for your first order by going here.

I was provided with YumEarth lollipops to share my views and opinions with my readers.  We have been a long time fan and all thoughts are 100% my own. 

5 thoughts on “DIY Lollipop Bouquet with YumEarth Lollipops”

  1. This is so cute and creative. It would be such a thoughtful gift for someone who is not feeling well. I have a couple of friends sick with the flu who would love this. Thanks for the idea.

  2. We love these suckers. They were on sale at Amazon and we bought a large container of them. This is such a cute idea. It would be such a great gift for Mother’s Day too. Thanks for sharing. I am pinning this one for later.

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