DIY: How to Make Pinwheels {Mickey Style}


When it came time to think about centerpieces I wanted something fun but also really festive. The kids have always loved pinwheels so I decided to use Mickey scrapbooking paper I had to make a few pinwheels. They were the perfect color combinations to add to mason jars that we then wrapped with coordinating ribbon, filled with shredded paper and we were ready for food!

Seriously, if you have never made pinwheels they are really simple and take minutes to whip a few out! Although you can make them to be able to turn, these we used hot glue and fixed in place.

You will need paper, hot glue, a button and some sort of stick or in our case, a paper straw.

diy-mickey-pinwheels (1 of 10)You can really make these any size you want them as long as you cut a square shape from the paper. For my larger pinwheels I used a 4 1/2 x 4 1/2 inch square but made them as small as 1 1/2 x 1 1/2.

diy-mickey-pinwheels (2 of 10)

Then fold the square in to make a triangle, the purpose is just to create a crease to cut. If your edges don’t meet then trim it slightly.

diy-mickey-pinwheels (3 of 10)

Unfold and repeat on the other side so that you have creases on all four corners coming in towards the center.

diy-mickey-pinwheels (5 of 10)

Cut each crease towards the center leaving about an inch in the center uncut.

diy-mickey-pinwheels (6 of 10)

Fold one cut edge in and using glue, secure it to the center.

diy-mickey-pinwheels (7 of 10)

Continue with every cut, folding the next cut piece in and securing with glue.

diy-mickey-pinwheels (8 of 10)

To give it a finished look, glue a button to the center.

diy-mickey-pinwheels (9 of 10)

Attach a straw or stick to the back of the pinwheel with glue and you are all set!

diy-mickey-pinwheels (10 of 10)

The cool thing is that these can be customized to fit any party theme.

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