DIY Mickey and Friends Dice Game

Games have always been a big hit in our house. Growing up, we didn’t have all the electronics kids have available to them today, so we spent a great deal of our time playing various games and cards. I have many, many fond memories of our family gathered around the table playing cards or family games. That is a tradition I want to continue in my family and encourage my children to be unplugged more. There is a well-known dice game that is a family favorite and for some time I had been thinking about creating our own version with a fun twist. When I found out our family would once again be privileged to host another Disney Kids Playdate, I knew this would be the perfect time to create our own DIY Mickey game, Disney Style!

It is no secret my children love Mickey, especially my littlest one. I knew that creating a simple dice game with Mickey + Friends dice would be a huge hit. Once we made one set, the children decided they wanted to share them with their friends, so we made a set for each family in their goody bags for our #DisneyKids party. These were so very simple to make, and you only need a few items.  I created these for younger children so I only made the game with four dice as my little ones couldn’t hold more than that.  If you wish, you could print two of the dice printable images and make it six dice if you would prefer.

DIY Mickey + Friends Dice Game Printable with Free Download -

DIY Mickey Game

Items Needed

DIY Mickey Dice Game With Downloadable Printable -


Gather your supplies and print off the dice printable images here.  Cut out each of the squares just inside the black line.  You will need six images for each dice, one of each of the friends.

DIY Mickey Dice Game With Downloadable Printable -

Start by placing a thin layer of mod podge on one side of the dice.  Then add the image and gently pat it down in place.  Repeat with each of the other three dice.

Repeat with the images on all sides but the bottom.  Allow about five minutes to pass and then add a thin layer of mod podge over each of the images.  Be sure to completely cover the images and all edges.  Place on bottom to dry.

After about 30 minutes, add a small layer of mod podge to the bottom of the block and add the final image.  Then cover the image with a thin layer of mod podge.

DIY Mickey Dice Game With Downloadable Printable -

When they are dry, you are good to go!

I created the game sheet so that it can be printed off as a single sheet, or select 2-pages to sheet to make them half-paged or select 4-pages to sheet to make them quarter of a sheet (which is quite small).  You can access the game file to print it here as many times as you wish.  For our party I printed 20 game sheets, punched a hole in the corner and placed them on a ring.  That’s it!  Most of the time is spent waiting for the mod podge to dry, overall it goes very quickly.

My children beg to return to Disney almost daily.  Even though we don’t know when our next visit will be, this Mickey + Friends dice game allows us to make Disney memories here at home.  We can bond, laugh enjoy each other all while sharing our love of Disney.


Print the images for the dice here and the game sheet here.

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