DIY Mickey Cupcake Stand – Ten Minutes!

This diy Mickey Cupcake Stand was created in partnership with Walt Disney Resorts and their #DisneyKids playdate.

You might laugh at how simple this diy Mickey cupcake stand really is!  Although this likely wont be our last Mickey Mouse party (because hey, we love the Mouse)!  I really like to try to make things simple, and repurpose when I can.  When I was looking at cupcake stand ideas, I really wanted to work with what I had and not go out and purchase something.  I looked online for ideas and didn’t find one I loved but saw something similar made with a yogurt cup for a small tray and thought it would be perfect, just bigger.

Most people have a popcorn tin around their house, I actually had this red bin and decided it would work perfectly!

DIY Mickey Mouse Cupcake Stand -

DIY Mickey Cupcake Stand

Materials Needed

  • Popcorn Tin
  • Red paint or red paper
  • White paper
  • Yellow/Gold paper
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue or elmers glue


  1. Cover your popcorn tin or other cylinder with either red paint or red paper.  This could be a time when some leftover red wrapping paper really comes in hand.
  2. I just eyeballed the long ovals for the feet.  Cut out two and glue or attach with tape to the bottom of the tin.
  3. Next, cut out two long ovals for buttons and glue on the center.
  4. Cover the top with a white round cake board, or make a large white circle from cardboard.  I just laid mine on top and didn’t attach.

DIY MIckey Cupcake Stand -

I told you it was super simple.  I didn’t purchase anything but using what I had on hand, we made a rather cute diy Mickey Cupcake Stand in about ten minutes with the assistance of my son Austin.  It was the perfect centerpiece to our snack table for our current Mickey Mouse party!  Go check out the other details and see how we made a fun diy Mickey + Friends Dice game!

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