DIY: Mickey Garland Decoration

mickey_garland-diy (1 of 2)I started to share with you about our #DisneySide party and now to share a few more of the details.  I wanted to rock the party but also wanted to show how you could make an awesome party on a budget.  For me, that meant making the decorations myself.

After a little bit of brainstorming (and Pinterest surfing) I decided on making a hanging Mickey garland as the backdrop for our table.  This would be totally simple to do and the only supplies I would require would be paper and my sewing machine.

Now I have to admit, it did take some time to cut out the Mickey heads, and no they were not perfect but they were so cute.  If you have a Mickey hand punch, Circuit or Silhouette, this part would be a breeze.  Since I have none of these in my crafting arsenal yet, I wanted to show that with a little bit of time, you can still have a great quality garland with just a little bit of effort.

I used the template below to cut out my Mickey shapes of my various colored cardstock.  For our #DisneySide party I opted to stay with red, yellow, black and gray.  I cut 6-8 of each color in various shades.  Since it doesn’t take a lot of concentration, I did this a couple of evenings while watching a TV show.

Mickey head template

Then I cut out different sized circles from the same colors.  For this I did use a circle cutter I have had for 13+ years from Creative Memories.    You can either use this circle template or use trace household object like a cd and a glass onto the paper and then cut them out.

To put them together I simple sewed them in a random order with my sewing machine.  I spaced them about 2″ apart.  If you don’t want to sew them together you could also tape them to string.  I made one continuous chain and then cut it to the size I wanted as I was hanging it on the wall.

I was really happy with how it turned out.   More importantly, my kids were ecstatic!   And the best part, the price.

mickey_garland-diy (2 of 2)

Total cost for the backdrop = $1.09 in cardstock

With my children’s love of Disney I know there will be another #DisneySide party in our future so we will be making this again!   If you are having your own Mickey party, be sure to check out my Mickey Mouse cupcakes with printable templates.

Check back tomorrow when I will share the template for the Mickey party hats we made.

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    1. You can purchase it at Michael’s craft store in open stock paper or in packages. They often have the open stock sheets on sale or if you purchase in a package, be sure to use a 40% off coupon from their website. I purchased mine at a local copy store that sells colored cardstock paper in single sheets, so if you have a copy store, I would check there as well. Thanks for stopping by!

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