DIY Mickey Plane Freezer Paper Stencil Shirt (Plus Printable Template)

Mickey Plane Shirt Template 680

Once I knew we would be headed to see the Disney Live! Mickey’s Musical Festival, I knew I wanted to make shirts for each of the kids.  We searched for images online and Addie wanted a classic Minnie but Austin wanted something that featured Planes.  Since we were headed to a Mickey show, I wanted more of a Mickey theme so when we came across a Mickey plane on Etsy, Austin wanted something similar.  The image we saw had a face, which I was going to do with embroidery thread, but Austin liked how it looked once it was painted.

If you have never tried out freezer paper stenciling, you have no idea what you have been missing!

Freezer paper stenciling is not only super easy but you can get a really cool customized screenprinted look on just a basic cotton t-shirt.  So here is a quick run-down on freezer paper stenciling and a template to print if you think your little man would like a Mickey plane shirt.

Mickey Freezer Paper Stencil 1

To begin, draw your image onto the non-waxy side of the freezer paper.  It is important you use freezer paper not wax or parchment paper for this to work properly.

Mickey Freezer Paper Stencil 1

You can print the Mickey plane image by clicking on the image above.

Mickey Freezer Paper Stencil 2

Using an X-Acto knife, carefully cut out your image.  It is important to have a sharp knife and press firmly to have smooth cuts.  Don’t worry about it being totally perfect, it will still be completely cute!

Mickey Freezer Paper Stencil 3

Now you will want to iron your stencil onto your shirt.  Use a medium heat without steam.  Be sure to iron all the edges of the stencil so they adhere well.

Mickey Freezer Paper Stencil 4

Place a piece of freezer paper in between the inside of the shirt so the paint doesn’t leak through to the back.

Mickey Freezer Paper Stencil 5

The fun part of painting has arrived!  I really like to use the smooth Tulip paint because it gives more of the screenprinted look but you can also use puffy fabric paint as well.

Allow the paint to fully dry, using a hair dryer if necessary.  Apply at least two coats, but you can always add more if you want more color.

Once the paint is fully dry, gently peel away the freezer paper.  (If you do this before it is fully dry you can cause it to transfer or bleed.)

Wash you shirt as normal and now you are all decked out in your customized shirt!  Since you can customize the image, the possibilities are endless!

Can you see yourself using a freezer paper stencil?

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  1. Oh goodness, the ideas are endless! My boyfriend is an artist. I didn’t realize it was so easy to do stuff like this!! We are definitely going to have to design some shirts for the little ones!! Love it so much! Thanks!

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