DIY Mickey Mouse T-Shirt with Neon Sharpies

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Mickey Sharpie Finished t-shirt

If  you have read my blog long, you know my children have a love of Disney!  What four and five year olds don’t, right?  When I started talking about them helping me to create their own t-shirt, Addie immediately knew she wanted to create a Mickey or Minnie designed shirt.  Austin quickly followed suit, they love to create.  IT gives them a great source of pride when they do something themselves and then can show it off!

Neon has made a comeback!  It was the “in” thing when I was growing up in the late 80’s and early 90’s, unfortunately I have the pictures to prove it!   I love bright, bold colors so I am cool with neon as long as the same styles don’t come back.

If you are looking for a cool way for the kids to be hands on and express themselves then this is a great way to create a wearable, one of a kind work of art.

DIY Mickey T-Shirt

To begin I collected a white t-shirt for Addie, the new Sharpie Fine Point Neon markers and this Mickey head silhouette printable I created in about two minutes.


Cut apart the Mickey outlines and place them under the first layer of the shirt.  Position them where you would like them.


Using you color of choice, trace the outer edge with a permanent marker.


Let the kids go wild coloring in their Mickey outlines.  Addie colored in her shirt.

sharpie mickey tshirt addie #ad

Austin went to work on an old t-shirt.

Sharpie mickey tshirt austin #ad

I then used his t-shirt and created this upcycled diy t-shirt tote in about five minutes.


Now you can customize the Mickey heads however you would like.  For the shirt we are going to add tulle bows to make them a Minnie Mouse instead.   You could also add Puffy fabric paint to add dimension, rhinestone jewels or you name it!

While in Target last week with Addie and Bethany I saw these individual packaged Sharpie markers.  They were fine point neon markers!  Featuring brilliant vivid color at daylight that transform to fluorescent under a black light Sharpie Neon markers were a huge hit!  Right now at Target you can save $1 on a 5-pack package (available while supplies last and in select stores) with this Sharpie coupon.   My store didn’t have the 5-packs but had a nice endcap display with the Neon Sharpies and Addie was more than happy to help pick one of each for us!

Start Bright, Go Electric.

After using the NEW Sharpie Fine Point Neon markers myself, I can say they totally hold true!

Features of the NEON Sharpies include:

  • Brilliant, vivid color in daylight
  • Mark fluorescent under black light
  • Vivid ink leaves permanent mark on most surfaces
  • Durable, fine tip produces bold, detailed lines
  • Great for use on paper, plastic, wood and leather
  • AP Certified non-toxic ink is water, smear and fade-resistant

Do you want to be inspired by the new Neon Sharpies?  Be sure to follow Sharpie on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest!

What project do you see yourself using NEON for?

24 thoughts on “DIY Mickey Mouse T-Shirt with Neon Sharpies”

  1. I love it!!! Too cute and the kids seem to have fun doing it. We love Disney too. What is there to not love about Disney!?

  2. This is so cool and creative. I might have to make one of these for myself since I don’t have little ones anymore. These would be on the “my favorite shirt to wear” list of any kid that had a hand in making one.

    1. We have fabric markers too, but wanted the bright bold colors and they are just as bright after washing several times now (because my daughter wants to wear it every day 🙂

  3. What a great idea to have your kids color their own tee shirts and in a pattern that they really want! As for the 80’s and 90’s fashions–they will come back eventually–the fashions I remember from the 60’s and 70’s have made a couple of repeat appearances–sorry about that!

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