DIY Photo Magnets Tutorial

Photo magnets finishedAs part of my partnership with Dollar Tree, I have been compensated for this post. 

After having so many gloomy days I am so thankful for the sun the past few days!  It is amazing just how much the bright sun and beautiful blue skies can impact our outlook.  Today the kids and I finally sat down to create a simple DIY giftable craft I have been wanting to do for some time.  When I craft with the kids it usually takes a bit longer but worth every minute.  They are so proud of their creations.

diy-photo-magnets (10 of 2) diy-photo-magnets (9 of 2)

The bright skies and the kids smiles made for a great day!  With smiles like these how could it not be a good day?  This is a great project if you have little ones but even if not, this is a great way to create personalized gifts for your loved ones.  If you share the ones you make, others will also be able to adore your beauties daily also.

Personalized DIY Photo Magnets

Supplies Needed

  • Modge Podge
  • Brushes
  • Glass Pebbles
  • Pictures
  • Mini Magnets
  • Photos

diy-photo-magnets (1 of 6)


Sort through your pebbles and find the ones with the least imperfections (some have large spiders in them, making it hard to see the image).  Position your pebbles over the photos and either gently trace the outline or eye it and cut around the edges.

diy-photo-magnets (3 of 6)

Brush on a layer of Modge Podge that is thick enough to not be able to see through (but not too thick).

diy-photo-magnets (4 of 6)

Place your cut photo picture side down onto the Modge Podge.  Press firmly so you know that all the edges are adhered.  Place face down a sheet to dry.

diy-photo-magnets (5 of 6)

Allow the Modge Podge to dry and then brush another thin layer across the back of the photo, covering all edges.  Allow to fully dry.

diy-photo-magnets (6 of 6)

Adhere your magnets to the back side of the photos.  Even though mine had a foam adhesive I used a dab of hot glue.

Attach them to a card or print my printable card & printable gift tags with a glue dot or a small amount of hot glue and you have an adorable gift!

Additional Tips & Ideas

These don’t necessarily have to be made with photographs, have the kids search through old magazines to find small pictures they like.

Use the kids mini artwork instead of pictures.

Make these with various size letters cut out from magazines from A-Z to gift to a little one!

Instead of searching everywhere for the glass pebbles, head to the Dollar Tree and pick them up for only $1.  After searching everywhere to find clear and not blue glass pebbles I finally found what I was looking for and only paid 1/6 of what I would have at the craft store.  I have found the Dollar Tree to be an excellent source for fun  crafting supplies that do not break the bank.  Part of the fun is thinking and creating outside the box!  The Dollar Tree allows you to do just that with their seasonal selections being frequently updated as well as all their usual great deals.

diy-photo-magnets (2 of 6)

Instead of printing out your pictures individually, use a collage print and put six pictures to a 4×6 sheet that costs about $.25 and they will be just the right size you need.

These make great gifts to send to your loved ones who don’t get to see the kids smiling faces every day.

Who would you create your personalized photo magnets for?

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    1. I didn’t but have when using Mod Podge and printing from my home printer. I have found having the prints made and using a Matte finish helps with the bleeding. I hope that helps.

  1. I love this idea. I have seen those glass things at the Dollar Tree and keep meaning to pick some up for the “one day” when I finally get around to doing this craft.

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