$1 diy Serving Dish {from a placemat}

Today’s post was brought to you by the Dollar Tree. All opinions and thoughts shared are my own.

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I love being able to have serving dishes that match each theme or season but having the place to store them (or the money to buy them), well that is another story!  Until I realized I could turn a simple place mat into a super cute serving dish!  This literally takes a place mat, thread and five minutes!  Seriously!

Now no more trying to figure out where to put each serving dish, I can simply flatten and fold them in a drawer.  When I need a certain color or theme, no problem!  I can seriously afford to create new ones to match!

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Supplies Needed:

  • place mat
  • thread
  • (sewing machine or needle & thread)


This is truly so easy!  Begin by removing all the tags.

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Start with one corner and fold the inside edges towards each other so that the top seam is even.  If you want a more swallow dish, pin at 3″ from the tip.  If you want a smaller, but deeper dish, pin at 4 1/2″.

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Sew a straight line either by hand, or with a machine.

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Repeat on the three other corners.  Snip the threads.

I line my cloth serving dishes with a cloth towel to prevent staining. Fill with your treats, breads, chips…cookies!

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The cool thing about these is that they are washable.  They are inexpensive.  They can be customized for any and every occasion!

I picked up my fall themed place mat at my local Dollar Tree store.  It seriously only cost me $1 and I have a super cute serving dish that I can use all autumn.  They even had matching dishes and napkins that I may have to snag.  Be sure to check back as we will be sharing a few other fun fall pieces to create a beautiful but inexpensive fall table spread.

What occasion would you create a diy serving dish for?

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  1. I was at a conference all weekend and was mobile, but saw this going around social media! I didn’t know it was yours! I love it! And how simple and cute! Thank you for sharing! I’m def going to give it a try!

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