DIY Mickey Snowman Cards

DIY Snowman Mickey cards

This last week we have spent a lot of time indoors, which has provided us with a little more crafting time.  During the storm we did get a combination of freezing rain, sleet and snow.  The first day it snowed, the snow was nice to play in so Daddy and the kids had a great time building a snowman.  Austin and Addie were so very proud of how it turned out.

snowman with kids

When we starting talking about crafting, I knew I wanted to make snowman cards so we could share them with a few out-of-state family members.  I started browsing on Pinterest for ideas and I say a snowman with Mickey ears from Chips and Comp.  I knew right then and there they would be perfect for us to make!  If you have followed my blog for long you know the kids are dye-hard Disney fans.  They actually wear their Mickey and Minnie ears almost daily.

When I shared my idea with the kids they were on board 100%!  We made a few and then I decided we needed a template for the ears.    They turned out so cute I thought I would share them.  You can tell which one I used the template for (my Minnie) because the Mickey ears turned out so much nicer.

Mickey Mouse Snowman Printable finishedThese are very simple and other than printing the template you will need cardstock, glue, scissors and markers.  If you wish to create a snow effect than add glitter to your list.

To begin, I printed the template on white cardstock and cut out each piece.


Then I folded and cut my cardstock for my cards.  If you want to open the cards so the fold is on the top then fold the paper in half touching the shorter side to the shorter side.  If you want the card to fold on the side, fold the longer sides to touch each other.  Cut them in half.


Glue your snowballs on the cards, starting with the largest on the bottom, overlapping each one slightly.  Then glue on your Mickey ears.


Now you will want to add your embellishments.  Draw or cut out a triangle carrot nose for your snowman and glue it on.  Draw dots for the eyes, mouth and buttons.  If you wish, add a bow or bowtie.  Draw twig arms.


If you are adding snow, add several small dabs of glue and then sprinkle with glitter.  I choose to use my chunky snow glitter to get a better effect.  To create a layer of snow on the bottom of the card, swipe a glue stick in a wave motion and sprinkle with glitter.

Mickey Snowman DIY

Allow your card to completely dry and then write your heartfelt message.  This handmade card will bring a smile to anyone’s face that receives it.

Who would you send your Snowman Mickey Ears card to?

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