Lemon-Coconut DIY Sugar Scrub

DIY Sugar ScrubDuring the winter time my hands become very rough and dry.  Aside from using awesome lotions and butters, using a great sugar scrub on my hands helps soothe them so much.  This is one of the simplest recipes I have ever whipped up, yet one of my favorites.  If you are a fan of sugar scrubs, be sure to try this DIY sugar scrub recipe.

While I have to admit I really enjoy making homemade products and gifting them to others, who doesn’t?  The main reason behind starting to experiment in my kitchen is so that I can know exactly what is going into the products I am putting onto my skin that will be absorbed into my body.

Who would have thought that with simple ingredients many people have on hand, you can whip up a batch yourself.  I have purchased organic scrubs before for $15+ but they are no longer needed!

Coconut Lemon DIY Sugar Scrub

You will only need a few simple ingredients to get started.  While I purchased my glass jars for gifts, traditionally I would just repurpose other glass jars for these type of projects.  Click on the ingredient to see where I purchase each of them myself.

Diy Sugar Scrub Recipe

Ingredients Needed


Add your sugar to a clean bowl.  Add in your melted coconut oil and sweet almond oil.  Stir well to combine.  Add in your lemon essential oil and stir to mix throughout.

Spoon into clean glass jars and enjoy!

11 thoughts on “Lemon-Coconut DIY Sugar Scrub”

  1. Don’t you love how easy it is to make your own scrubs at home? I have a few essential oils I purchased just for this. I love mixing two different oils together and playing around. I also love to switch up salt and sugar. I’ll have to try this combo!

    1. It really is! There are so many combinations you can combine to be fun but this is a very simple one I love to start with.

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