DIY T-Shirt Rosette Onesie Tutorial


When I was making these ruffled leggings I decided I would see what I could do to dress up a simple white onesie to be worn with the leggings.  To be honest, this wasn’t just a simple white onesie, it was one with stains on it!  The onesie was still is very good condition other than the two small stains on the upper left hand side.

After I was finish making my leggings, I had plenty of leftover t-shirt material and decided I would see if I could make a rosette from the same jersey material.  It was so simple to actually do!  There are so many ways you can dress things up by adding several small embellishments and this one didn’t cost a penny.   For best results, it is better to use 100% cotton t-shirts.

DIY T-Shirt Rosette Onesie

I started by cutting off one of the sleeves from the remaining fabric on my t-shirt.

onesie 1

Then I snipped the seam under the arm to create one open piece.

onesie 2

Trim off the seams all the way around the arm.

onesie 3

Cut off a strip about 1/4″ to 1/3″ wide all the way around the material.

onesie 4

Place one end of the fabric where you want the center point of your flower to be and wrap the material around it about 1 1/2 times.  Then pin it in place.

onesie 5

Continue to wrap the fabric around the center, pinning in place every so often.

onesie 6

Starting in the middle, slowly sew around the flower, stopping to adjust your position every so often until you reach the end.  You may want to go through it a second time to make sure you get all the pieces tucked in nicely.

onesie 7

I added a second rosette but you could add more if you wished.  Then I cut two small leaves from the material and sewed them in place around the edges.


Being that they are a jersey cotton material, they washed up nicely and matched the leggings I made for our new little one perfectly!

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  1. Awww, that is so cute! Thanks for the tutorial. I’m planning on trying to make clothes for my daughter and this looks like a pretty easy first project!

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