DIY Upcycled T-Shirt Pom Pom Headband

POM Pom headband finished

As I looked at the leftover material from the upcycled layered t-shirt dresses I made for the girls, I knew I wanted to attempt a fun headband.  After playing around with a few different ideas I decided to try a pom pom style.  While I wasn’t quite sure with how it turned out at first, Addie loved them!

With a few knit scraps and about 15 minutes you can make these super cute pom pom headbands!

pompom 1I started by collecting my scraps from my layered t-shirt dresses I made for the girls.  Then I cut small strips of fabric about 1/2″ by 7-8 inches.


To make the strips curl in, simple take the fabric piece between your two hands and pull slightly.  The knit fabric will curl in when you release.  Repeat with all the different colors you will be using.


Then cut your strips in half and you will be left with 3-4″ pieces.


Tightly tie a bundle of 9-12 pieces in center.


Then fold it over, holding the ends of the fabric together.


Hand sew around the end of the bundle where you previously tied it in the center several times.


Attach your pom pom to your headband and you are all ready to rock the cute Pom Pom Headband!


I decided to see if I could also use knit fabric with two small strips of elastic to make a headband and although it isn’t the cutest, it worked great!  I have another idea for next time.

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