Do You Still Want a Garden This Year? Go for It!

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As we start to reach the middle of August, it is truly time to begin thinking about some final efforts in our gardens.  What if you haven’t yet planted a garden?  Don’t worry, it still is not too late!  Of course it truly depends on where you live, but there are still several cold hardy crop varieties that you can plant during mid-late August that will still have time to mature before the 2012 gardening season comes to a close.  (To be honest, there are many ways to extend your growing season as well but those I’ll discuss in the coming weeks.)  Why not take a good look at your garden now to start planning: what has finished producing, what space do you have to plant, how much of each variety would you enjoy…Now is the time to start planning!

Here is a look at some of the 30-Day Harvest Crops that can still be planted until late August and still have time to mature:

  • Radishes
  • Broccoli
  • Spinach
  • Leaf lettuce

I totally love picking fresh lettuce and spinach from my own garden.  There is not a better salad to be had than right from your own yard!  And let me tell you, fresh baby broccoli doesn’t even compare to what you purchase on the store shelves!  I can remember as a child checking out the broccoli plants to see if they were large enough for my Father to let me pick!  Spinach and lettuce truly require no effort!

Why not make plans now to sow some seeds and reap the benefits of harvesting something you were able to grow!

6 thoughts on “Do You Still Want a Garden This Year? Go for It!”

  1. We just bought our first home and have a yard for the first time. We are excited to start a garden, but like you mentioned, we thought it was too late for this year! We have NO idea how to start so I’ll probably wait until next year and do some more research, hope you can help!!

  2. Kelley @Kelley's Passion for Nutrition

    Oh, I love your garden. What a great space for it and it is never too late to start. You can always get it ready for the next season and garden all year long. Thanks for sharing this, beautiful!

  3. We used to have a small rooftop garden when we were in college… since moving into our own house, we’ve wanted to start a garden, but haven’t gotten around to it yet! We have so much space to make an awesome one… glad to know it’s not too late this year!

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