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Sammie has been a member of our family for eight years this month.  He was an anniversary gift from my husband, before we had our children.  He was just six weeks old and I remember the very night Bryan brought him home.  He had me sit on the couch as he went to his truck to bring my present in.  Truthfully, I was expecting a necklace, much to my surprise it was the cutest fur-ball instead!

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Sammie has been an amazing dog over the years with our children.  He has never snapped at them and been willing to go through all the baby stages more than once.  We are currently in the process of moving into a house in a nearby town and it will be a big adjustment for Sammie as well.  We are moving from the country, into a town (with real neighbors!).  When we talked about ways we could make Sammie feel at home, we decided we would bring his dog house and continue to feed him the foods he loves (Purina® Pro Plan®) and also have a few new toys waiting for him.

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When I talked about making homemade dog treats and even a dog toy for Sammie, the kids couldn’t have been more excited!  Excited because I let them choose the colors and that they were able to help!  If you have a four-legged furry baby, why not show them some love and make your very own, repurposed chew toy!

I had planned to make this from old t-shirts, but my stash isn’t moved over yet.  I had to improvise and use the pant legs from a pair of jeans in my repurpose stash as well as a strip from an old flannel night-gown.  And best part, it doesn’t require sewing, just scissors and braiding!

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DIY Repurposed Dog Toy

Materials Needed

  • 3-4 strips of material 24″ x 3-4″
  • 1 strip of material 1 1/2-2″ x 5″
  • Scissors


Cut your strips of material to the above sizes (approximately, they can be slightly bigger or smaller depending on what you have).

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Fold them over in half so they are about 2″ by 24″.

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I cut two pieces of flannel, since the denim was much thicker and just laid the two pieces on top of each other so it didn’t drown in the flannel material.  This isn’t necessary, just something I chose to do.  Layer them in the order you would like.

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Loosely knot one end.  Now is time to braid.  Stop once you have about 3″ of material left.

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Remove the knot from the end and braid it until there are about 3″ of material left.

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Fold the remaining piece of material in half on the shortest width and wrap it around the toy.  Double knot the piece of fabric.

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Trim off any loose threads and the ends so they are more even and you all are set.

Using repurposed tees would allow for more flexibility and less loose threads, but none-the-less, Sammie will love it!

Trip to PetsMart #ProPlanPet #ad

We recently made a trip to PetSmart to pick Sammie up some Purina® Pro Plan® dog food and the kids wanted to buy Sammie treats.  Since we had made Sammie’s dog food for years in the past, we decided it would be a great time for homemade dog cookies as well.  My sister offered to help out and even the kids couldn’t wait to get their hands on these (very healthy) puppy cookies!  They are made with only four ingredients from your kitchen and smell yummy!  You can get visit this link for the recipe for homemade Dog Cookies.

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Sammie doesn’t travel well, but PetSmart is such a fun place to travel with your furry friend.  The kids always enjoy visiting the store to see all the pets.  Each trip they beg for an animal to bring home.  Maybe one day Austin will get that bird he wants, but for now we will stick with our dog food and fish.  Have you ever taken your dog to PetsMart?

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Why we choose Purina® Pro Plan®?

Purina® Pro Plan® was the first dry dog food brand to use and be founded on the idea of real meat as the #1 ingredient to help promote total body health. Every high quality ingredient is chosen for a specific purpose.  The #1 ingredient is real chicken, beef, lamb, or salmon.  Their goal is to give your dog the nutrition to be his absolute best, helping him to be energetic and resilient, and maintaining an ideal body condition, healthy skin, and a stunning coat.  Since no two dogs are the same, there are many formulas to choose from, so you can find the formula that is just right for your dog.

If you’d like to try Purina® Pro Plan® free, find a rebate here:

What other ways do you show your dog lovin’?

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  1. Moving is always a tough thing, especially when moving with your pet! I agree that bringing its house to your new home is a good thing because that way it’ll have a starting point to explore the rest of its surrounding! Greetings, Man With Van Swiss Cottage Ltd.

  2. Sammie is a bear of a dog, perfect for cuddling, and too adorable! I love how you made the rope toys- we have so much scrap fabric and many rags lying around this would be perfect for! #client

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