Dolphin Organics: Our Choice for our Hospital Bag

We want to thank the kind folks behind Dolphin Organics for providing us with a travel kit to take with us to the hospital for Baby B’s first bath!  All opinions shared are my own.

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While many of us strive to live greener lifestyles, we give great caution to what we put into our bodies.  We don’t always think about the consequences of what we are putting on our bodies.  It is very important to be aware of ingredients in our health and beauty products that we are applying them directly to our body’s largest organ, our skin!  Even more important is that we are aware how many of those ingredients affect our bodies and those of our little ones!

When Austin was first born we were still using some conventional products, but those went out the window for him with all his skin allergies and sensitivities.  When Addie came along, we were more informed and prepared.  We used products that contained more natural and organic ingredients and were more careful to avoid their conventional counterparts.  When Addie was born, we actually took our own baby products for her to be given her first scrub down after she was born!  We plan to do the same with our baby Bethany!

Why not start them off from day one with products that contain safer, more healthy ingredients?

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When packing our hospital bag, we included all the basic necessities as well as a travel kit from Dolphin Organics!

Why did we choose Dolphin Organics?

Dolphin Organics was actually started by a couple on a quest for safe products for their twin daughters.  They found that most big brands contain artificial ingredients, and that many products whose labels claim to be natural and organic also contain artificial and potentially harmful ingredients.

They started by reaching out to other moms to find out what was important to them as well.  These moms would come to be known as the Dolphin Moms™.   As a result, the Dolphin Organics™ line was born!  Their line of personal care products are for babies and young children, that are made only with natural and organic ingredients. They include nothing man-made, nothing artificial – not even the preservatives.

I love that their labels are clear and honest, and show you exactly what you are putting on your babies skin and thus into their bodies!

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All of the Dolphin Organics products are rated a 1-2 on the EWG database.  If you are not familiar with the EWG, they rate products by their ingredients, 0 being the safest rating you can receive, 9 being the worst by level of toxicity and danger.  We try to stay with products in the 0-2 range, preferring 0-1.   It is full of a wealth of information and I would highly encourage you to examine the products you are using in your home.

You can learn more about Dolphin Organics by visiting the Dolphin Organics website or connecting with them on Facebook or Twitter!  You can also win your very own Dolphin Organics later in September when we host our giveaway event, so be sure to come back to enter!

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