Earth Day Giveaway: Win a Trek Bicycle

Even though Earth Day was Monday, April 22nd we all need to remind ourselves that Earth Day is each and everyday.  Evergreen Packaging is totally on board with each day being Earth Day.

They want to encourage all of us as consumers when we visit our local grocery stores to think past the contents in a package, and think about the package itself!  The company behind Choose Cartons want to encourage us to think about avoiding all the plastic packaging we have grown accustomed to seeing and reach for a carton instead.

Being a smarter, more eco-friendly shopper doesn’t require a lot of extra time and effort.  Check out this article to see four quick tips to make eco-friendly, money-saving decisions on your next trip to the grocery store.

Why Choose Cartons?

Cartons help to preserve fresh flavor, are made with renewable materials (70% of the carton is paper, from trees), that are recyclable and from renewable sources.   Simple put, cartons are a smart, responsible choice for a number of reasons.

Celebrate Earth Day!

Evergreen Packaging is celebrating Earth Day by encouraging consumers to make more eco-friendly decisions at the grocery store.  Head over to the “Choose Cartons” Facebook’s page and give your insights into ways you are trying to be a greener shopper to enter for a chance to win the grand prize of a Trek bicycle ($900 value) or another weekly prize!

I encourage you to check out Choose Cartons for many great tips and tricks about recycling and ways to go green.


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