Easy Dinner Ideas: Open Faced Sandwich & Soup

This easy dinner ideas post was sponsored by Progresso Soup.  All stories shared are 100% my own.


The afternoons seem to go by much like a blur.  Shortly after lunch, we attempt to put the two youngest down for naps.  When all goes well, we will work on a science project or hands on activity.  Then the children are sent to do independent reading or handwriting while I steal an hour or two to work.  Ideally this is my down time but rarely does it work that way.  Many times the children are clinging to my legs and crawling under my chair as I write.   Chaos is just apart of life I am trying to accept as a this phase of life.

As 4:30 pm starts to roll around I begin to get questions like, What’s for dinner?  When can we eat?  Can you make pizza?

When I am on top of it, I have my meal plans all ready to go and have prepared some of what I need in the morning or night before.  Other days I am doing good just to get up, get the kids breakfast and know my name.  For those days, I need easy dinner ideas!  So I like to keep simple options on hand that don’t require much preparation.  Sometimes they are freezer meals that I have already invested the time to prepare and just need pulled out and heated.  Other days I will open soup and make a light sandwich or salad to complete our meal.  Simple, easy and still better for us than anything we could get through the drive through.

On each shopping trip, I try to make sure I have one or two simple meals.  During my most recent Walmart shopping trip I grabbed several cans of Progresso Light Soup.  This afternoon we made it up to 30 degrees so it is a perfect day for a warm bowl of soup and open faced sandwich.  Since the girls are helping me in the kitchen, the helped my choose which ingredients we would use on our open faced sandwiches today.  We couldn’t decide what to call it except yummy!  Addie contributed the goat cheese and bacon to the recipe and Miss B the avocados.


Cheesey Bacon Avocado Open Faced Sandwich

  • Toast
  • Goat Cheese
  • Lettuce
  • Avocado, Sliced
  • One Piece of Bacon, halved
  • Oil & Vinegar
  • Salt & Pepper

Toast your bread to your desired firmness.  Spread a thin layer of goat cheese on each piece of toast.

Add your lettuce, followed by sliced avocados.  If you enjoy tomatoes, also add a few thin slices.

Add your bacon and a few goat cheese crumbles, then drizzle with a small amount of oil, vinegar and salt and pepper to taste.






I can prepare a dinner for my entire family in about 15 minutes and feel good about what I am feeding them, even on crazy days.  I often make homemade soup because I like to control the ingredients added.  On days when I need to be rescued, my family really enjoys Progresso Light Chicken soup.  Miss B on most days will eat two whole bowls herself, it is her favorite!

As a mom who is concerned with ingredients, I love that Progresso uses quality ingredients including antibiotic free, all white meat chicken.  It is truly the perfect combination for a quick, stress-free dinner night for mom, as well as a dinner you can feel good about feeding your family.  I am especially excited that there are so many options in the Progresso light & fit soup options, as 2017 is the year I drop some of my baby weight!

Which favorite variety of Progresso soup would you choose to serve?


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