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Tea in every form was a part of my childhood.  It is more than a drink, it becomes part of our identity, bonds us together to create and sparks memories.  Especially in the South, tea connects people.

My Southern father was an avid sweet tea drinker while my mother, who was from New York would drink hot tea, even in the summer time.  So there was always tea brewing in some form.  My mother would carry around a mug of hot tea in the afternoon and into the night-time.  It was relaxing to breathe in and smell.  It was just a part of who she was.  More often than not, you could open the microwave door and find a mug full of hot water or hot tea waiting to be remembered.

tea proudly with bigelow tea

Now as a mother myself, I understand why we often found those mugs.  With four children, it is amazing the little things or sometimes big things that come along and divert our attention during the day.  When I come back to what I have left behind, I can’t help but smile and think back to those days with my mother.

This spring it will have been six years since we lost my mother and I still ache to talk with her, share the children’s stories or accomplishments with her and even have a good cry with.  On days I am missing her more than the normal, I wrap up in a blanket, warm up a mug of hot tea, sit back in my recliner and watch an old show we use to together.

tea proudly with bigelow tea

Now when I drink hot tea, I like to purchase Bigelow Tea.  It is family owned, packaged in foil for freshness, US manufacturing and they use quality ingredients.  Bigelow Tea knows that tea is more than tea, it is a part of life that brings people together.  That is why Bigelow is building the Tea Proudly community. #TeaProudly is a welcoming place that keeps all tea lovers informed about what’s brewing and gives rise to expression, both yours and ours together.

We, and other tea lovers across the country, want to hear from you about why you #TeaProudly, why you make tea your beverage of choice, when you drink it, who you share your tea moments with, and what special memories have been made over a warm, beautiful cup of tea.

The end goal for Bigelow in providing this platform is to share our tea pride. I Tea Proudly when I purchase Bigelow Tea because I have the assurance I made the right choice that recreates those moments of my childhood.

Now that I have reminisced, on to the diy mugs 🙂 Since my sisters also love hot tea, I thought I would put together a little hug in a mug for each of them. These are rather simple to make and although you can create any design, I quickly whipped up two saying I thought were quite fitting.

diy tea mug

DIY Tea Mug

1. Print off the pattern. Cut out around the pattern, leaving enough to fasten it with tape onto the mug.  Click here for Hug in a Mug pattern or here for Hugs for the Soul pattern.

2. On the backside of the pattern, cover the entire space by rubbing it firmly with a pencil lead. Rather than do it with the tip, lean the pencil gently on its side and use the side of the lead to rub the paper.

3. Tape the pattern to the mug where you would like your design. Firmly trace the design with a pencil to transfer the lead onto the mug.

4. Gently peel back the pattern to make sure it is transferring onto the mug. Once complete, you can either use a regular Sharpie or an oil based Sharpie paint marker to trace the design.

Tips: Wipe the area of the mug you will be placing your design on with alcohol. If you make a mistake with the pencil, simply wipe clean and start over. If you make a mistake with the markers, use a q-tip dipped in alcohol to remove. These mugs will need to be hand washed to not fade over time.

diy tea mug

I filled the mug with a hand embroidered tea towel, biscotti and Bigelow tea of course! It is a simple, yet handmade gift that offers a warm, cozy hug in a mug.

You can find many different varieties of Bigelow Tea at Walmart stores.

Now Bigelow Tea wants to give you an opportunity to win some fun prizes!!! Enter below and show us how you TeaProudly!

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  1. Thank you for sharing those lovely memories of you and your mom. It’s amazing how tea can bring about so many emotions and a feeling of comfort. Love your easy DIY tea mug tutorial. Would make for a fun rainy day project! #client

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