Easy Herbs to Grow From Seed

Easy Herbs to Grow From Seed

Having fresh herbs to use in the kitchen is a great reason to garden. Cut off what you need for that night’s red sauce or even dry herbs to use throughout the year. To get the best bang for your bang, growing from seed is the best. The other awesome advantage is that you can try out different varieties of one herb – like five different types of basil – when growing from seed. It is harder to do with transplants as most nurseries are limited in the varieties that they carry. Here are the a few easy herbs to grow from seed.


Thyme is one of those herbs that is in most gardens. It is easy to grow and tastes great fresh and dried. It is a low growing plant that doesn’t grow too large or too fast. It has little pink or yellow flowers that attracts bees and butterflies. Thyme comes in a few different varieties such as English or Lemon Thyme.


Parsley comes in two main varieties – Curly and Flat Leaf Italian. Parsley can grow to 12-16″ tall and will get to two feet wide if not harvested weekly. It is a fast grower and one plant can put out a lot of stems and leaves. From seed to harvest can happen in as little as 3 weeks!


Coriander seeds are best planted in cool weather as cilantro isn’t a big fan of the summer heat. Cilantro grows to 2-3 feet tall and will set out blooms when the weather turns warm. Snip the flowers if you want the plant to keep putting out fresh leaves. Once it has bolted and bloomed the leaves turn bitter. Harvest the coriander seeds each year and let some naturally fall as new plants will grow next year without having to be seeded.


You can easily grow onion or garlic chives from seeds. They sprout quickly and you can start snipping them once they are six inches. These shoots taste just like their cousins onions and garlic, but a tad easily to grow and harvest. They grow like grass and need to be trimmed at least weekly to encourage new growth.

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