Kids Craft: Easy Felt Fall Leaf Garland

I love fall.  The colors, the smells and the cool temperatures.  After our visit to the Mountain Home Berry Farm and brought home colorful pumpkins, we decided we would bring more of the color into our home.

We decided to start with a colorful felt leaf garland.  It is so easy to make and yet is so cute!  Don’t you think it looks nice with the shades of fall?

To begin, simply select eco-felt sheets in the colors you enjoy.  You can use whatever type of string you would prefer.  We used a cream colored yarn that was easy for the children to use with large plastic needles.  The eco-felt sheets are $.23 at our Wal-Mart and the plastic needles were $1.77.

You can cut them from the single piece but I found it easier to cut the sheet into three pieces.

Some of the leaves I cut free hand, others I traced a leaf cookie cutter with a pencil and then cut out right inside the line.

For a more diverse look, cut several shapes and sizes from various colors.

If you were doing this yourself there would be no need to cut slits in each end of the leaves to push the needle through but for the children it makes it so much easier.

For the first leaf I pushed the needle through one end so the knot wouldn’t slip back through.  Then lace each leaf one at a time onto the yarn.

You can space them however you prefer, we filled the entire string with lots of laughs and silly faces while we were threading them.

Austin was so proud that he did it all by himself, next time he wants to do a much longer one to hang around his door.  If you are looking for a great way to spend time indoors, this is an easy kid’s craft that is a fun yet simple way to teach your children colors and bring the beauty indoors.

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