Eating From the Pantry & Freezer Challenge: Week 2 & Meal Plans

I didn’t really post last week other than to share that I had decided to try to follow along with Stephanie’s Challenge over at Keeper of the Home.  Basically she challenges herself and her readers to take advantage of what they have on hand and cook with a lot of what they already have.   This is where having a good a good stockpile comes in handy 🙂

Even though this is here second week, you could still join along, even for just two weeks!  This is how Stephanie has laid out the challenge:

  1. Decide how much money you want to save and how long you think you’ll do the challenge for. I’ll be at it for 4 weeks and you can join in for a little or as long as you want.
  2. Do a detailed inventoryof your freezers, pantry and fridge
  3. Write up a meal plan for at least the first week of the challenge
  4. Make a short list and purchase any fresh foodsyou need to complete your meals (I’ll still be buying eggs, dairy and fresh produce during the challenge)
  5. If you need extra help, particularly with the inventories and the meal planning, download a copy of Stephanie’s book Plan It, Don’t Panic: Everything You Need to Successfully Create and Use a Meal Plan. It includes printable planning pages (for inventories, meal planning, and grocery shopping), as well as plenty of tips for taking inventory of your food and (of course) on how to make and use a meal plan.

I had already shared with you my meal plan and basically had everything on hand I needed to make it through the week but milk.  I had spent roughly $200 for the month of May before starting this challenge.  Since my goal was to spend $200 and save $200 for the extent of the challenge that leaves me with about $50 a week to last throughout the challenge. 

Since starting the challenge on the 16th, I have spent $23.06 on organic milk, Stonyfield’s Greek Yogurt, Bananas and a loaf of bread (which I should have made but decided preserving our fresh produce was slightly more important, so Hubby picked up a loaf).  We did pick strawberries,lots of strawberries but I had set aside money to purchase extra produce at the beginning of the year, so they are not coming out of this budget.  Today my Azure Standard order comes in-YAY, so I knew I would need some of my budget to cover this month’s order.  Although I didn’t order as much, I did order a bulk order of fresh organic broccoli because it was too good of a price to pass up! 

This week we will be needing more milk, probably eggs and depending on if we pick more berries possible some more fruit.  I still have about 4lbs of apples left from my previous Azure Standard order as well.

Here is what we have planned this week (plus starting a weight-loss challenge on Friday): 


  • Breakfast-Banana Bread, Strawberries
  • Lunch-Spaghetti & Meatballs, Cucumbers
  • Dinner-Beans, Muffins, Cucumbers


  • Breakfast-Banana Bread, Strawberries
  • Lunch-PB&J, Bananas
  • Dinner-Bean Burritos, Squash, sautéed Broccoli


  • Breakfast-Scrambled Eggs, Mini Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffins, Fruit
  • Lunch-Alphabet Soup, Homemade Bread
  • Dinner-Baked Pork Chops, Rice, Squash, Cabbage & Bacon sautéed in EVOO


  • Breakfast-Bacon & Corn Griddle Cakes or Baked Oatmeal & Fruit
  • Lunch-Leftovers
  • Dinner-Stir Fry with Leftover Veggies (Clean Out Fridge)


  • Breakfast-Blueberry Muffins & Fruit Smoothies
  • Lunch-Cobb Salads, Whole Wheat Crackers
  • Dinner-Ham & Potato Hash, Broccoli & Squash in EVOO


  • Breakfast-Leftover Oatmeal, Hard Boiled Eggs, Apple Slices
  • Lunch-Spinach & Cheddar Quiche, Carrots
  • Dinner-Pizza, Salads


  • Breakfast-Scrambled Eggs, Toast, Berries
  • Lunch-Leftover Pizza, Carrots, Celery Sticks
  • Dinner-Mexican Enchilada Pie, Salads, Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies

I will be needing some things this week and hope to make it to the Health Food Store to get ready for our weight loss challenge starting June 1st!  The only way I know I can get Hubby to stick with me is to have things handy for him to grab.  I also will be needing some salad veggies towards the end of the week but want to finish up what we have on hand now.  So what do you think, could you try to challenge yourself for even the remaining weeks to cut your spending and use what you already have?

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