May’s EcoCentric Mom “Mom-to-Be” Box Review {Plus Coupon Code}

I received the Mom-To-Be box to review at no charge to help make being pregnant a fun thing and as part of my partnership with the EcoCentric Mom Bloggers.  All opinions are 100% my own. 


Last month was the first month I received the EcoCentric Mom-to-Be Box and loved it!  I was waiting to see what would be included in the box this month and boy was I one happy Mama!  What Mama doesn’t want to open a box full of natural and organic products that include sunblock, moisturizer, lip balm, mineral eye shadow and CHOCOLATE!   It made my day to open my box and receive a full size chocolate bar; I am pregnant after all!

In case you missed my post introducing EcoCentric Mom to you, they are a great subscription service box that works very hard to introduce you to the most ethical and sustainable companies and the products they offer.  The companies and products are hand-picked and meet the EcoCentric Mom standard.  You won’t find anything in the box that Rebecca would not use on herself or for her own family.

Ecocentric Mom to be May

The box I am receiving is the Mom-To-Be box and the Baby Box which I will share very soon but they also offer the Mom Box as well.  For $21 a month, you can discover great new products that have passed the EcoCentric Mom tests!

EcoCentric Mom

EcoCentric Mom-to-Be Box Included:

  • Novena Organic Anti-Aging Mineral Sunblock SPF 30 – $25.00 Full Size Bottle – This line is an organic, vegan CUSTOM fomrulated skin care line.  They focus on safe and effective pre and post natal facial and body care products for Mamas.  Their lab is USDA organic certified.  They are earth friendly, vegan and cruelty free.  I have not used this but once yet but loved the feel of it going on!  I do not like greasy, oily sunblock and Novena is neither.  It is thick but so smooth and soaks right in.  This will get a good work-out his weekend.
  • Novena Organic Bearberry Skin Brightening Moisturizer – $35.00 Full Size Bottle – This has been designed to penetrate deep to leave your skin with a velvety matte finish.  Designed to prevent and treat dark brown spots.  I am one of those that is in dire need of facial moisturizer.  Even with oily skin, I need moisturizer daily.  I can see myself using the Bearberry Brightening Moisturizer every day!  It is light and airy, leaving my skin hydrated without feeling greasy.13-DSC_0830
  • Kallari 70% Cacao Chocolate Bar – $5.95 Full Size Bar – (Love that there are only FOUR ingredients!)  This bar is totally amazing, so smooth and let me say, perfection!  I love my children but I have hidden this  for me to enjoy when I get a few quiet minutes after bed 🙂  Plus by supporting the Kallari chocolate it helps with their efforts to save the rainforests and protects the Kichwa cultural heritage.


  • Elma & Sana Argan Oil Lip Balm – $4.99 Full Size Lip Balm – I can never have enough lip balm!  Lip balms are something I use daily and I love that they use the same organic oil in their lip balm as they do in their hair and skincare.  I am not one that likes to have sticky lips and this goes on very smooth.  I am excited to continue to try this out and maybe try out some of their other products.  As a company they avoid the middleman and buy direct from cooperatives that help to support the woman in business in the Moroccan Villages where the trees grow.




  • Gnu Bar – $1.99 per Bar – Each Gnu bar is packed with 12 grams of fiber to help with weight management, promote regularity and support heart health.


  • OraMD – $22.97 15ml Bottle included –  This is a little glass bottle that contains a 100% natural pure liquid toothpaste, mouthwash and breath freshener.   It contains 100% all-natural oils of peppermint, spearmint and almond.  Using it will be an adjustment over more conventional natural toothpaste but I think I will really enjoy using it.


  • WaterWipes – $.99/10 pack included ($3.99/60 wipes) – This is the purest wipe.  There are no chemicals period, as it should be!  They are 99.9% pure water & a drop of fruit extract.  These work amazingly well!  I love finding a wipe that is easy for on the go but does not contain chemicals.
  • 16-DSC_0833CocoPlum Soothe Spray – Trial Size included ($14.00 4 oz bottle) – The cure-all spray is meant to be a standby for first aid for things like sunburns, blemishes or rashes.  Crafted from organic green tea, pure aloe vera and a specialty blend of essential oils.  I have not needed this yet but will keep it handy in the event I do!  It smells yummy!
  • GreenDeals – $5 Gift Card – If you enjoy daily deals you will enjoy GreenDeals!   They offer daily deals and coupons on eco-friendly, sustainable and organic products!

EcoCentric Mom May

Can you see exactly why I was one happy Mama?   Would you like to try out one of the EcoCentric Mom boxes for yourself or gift one to a family member?  Cash in on the discount code below.

EcoCentric Mom Coupon Code

Each box is different but clearly for the $21, the box is packed full of goodies!  If you are looking for something unique to give to an expectant Mama-to-be or a Mom you wish to show you love them, an EcoCentric Mom box would be a great solution!

Use code ECOMOM10 and get 10% off any subscription plan!

12 thoughts on “May’s EcoCentric Mom “Mom-to-Be” Box Review {Plus Coupon Code}”

    1. I love that it shares practical products but is such an awesome value. Each box I have gotten as introduced me to a new product that I now LOVE!

    1. Well my pregnancies haven’t been much fun either, but it is nice to receive presents tailored specifically for you 🙂

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