Ecover Cleaning Products Review & Giveaway {Sponsor Spotlight} #Honorearth

I love it when a company stands behind their core beliefs.  Some people may think receiving new items in recycled shipping packages is tacky.  I think it shows a lot about a company when they are resourceful with our resources.  I was so excited to open my box from Ecover.  Searching through the shredded paper was a lot of fun for the kids while they tried to find what was hidden so well.

I am very excited that I was given the opportunity to try out these great products.  I received an all-purpose cleaner, hand soap, laundry liquid and dish-washing tablets, as well as this beautiful reusable tote bag to try out.

They all have wonderful lightly floral/citrus-y scents but nothing overpowering.  They just smell clean.  The Ecover concentrated all-purpose cleaner works awesome.   I think it is my favorite product (due to a situation I had to deal with this week), it made the clean-up a little easier.  It cut down on grease and grime and unlike some other natural cleaners I have tried, it did not leave a sticky feeling.

I have been using the Ecover Zero laundry liquid this week and also been very happy.  It is fragrance free, free of dyes, parfum and colorants.  I love that the bottle is 100% plant based plastic, 100% recycleable.  Our clothes are very clean with a little burst of floral scent.  Most green laundry soaps do not have much of a scent due to the lack of fragrance, so it is nice to have just a little burst.

The Ecover dish-washing tablets are the one product they sent I have used before and loved.  I really like having a tablet (the kids like to help me load the dishwasher) it is less of a chance for a mess.  It cleans the dishes perfectly and doesn’t leave a gritty feeling that some dish-washing soap can leave behind.

The Ecover Lavender & Aloe Vera hand soap is very smooth and has a thicker consistency, requiring less soap than normal to get the job done.  I suffer from severely dry hands and I love that my hands do not hurt when using this soap and actually feel softer after using it.

I was a little alarmed that their label said that one of the ingredients were fragrances, as that is a red flag.  The industry’s voluntary initiative doesn’t require companies to disclose fragrance chemicals, so most companies simply list “fragrance.” Fragrances can be composed of dozens to hundreds of chemicals including Carcinogens like p-dichlorobenzene and styrene oxide; endocrine disruptors like galaxolide and tonalide (both are synthetic musks), and all of these ingredients are kept secret from consumers.

Ecover has a very strict policy on selecting its fragrances. They use plant based fragrances. This means they are free from harmful petrochemical fragrance components such as musk, musk derivatives and nitro-derivatives that are found in all common detergents.  I really appreciate that.  They also offer a full list on their website of each ingredient that is in all of their products.
You can connect with Ecover via their blog, on Facebook, Twitter and the Ecover website.  You can purchase Ecover products at their online shop @ or you can use their store locator to find a store that sells Ecover products near you @
Would you like a chance to win the same products I reviewed above?  Ecover is sponsoring my Green Cleaning Series this week and you can win these Ecover products starting April 12th-22nd in the Honor the Earth Blog Giveaway Hop.  Check in tomorrow for your chance to enter!
Disclaimer: I was provided the above products at no charge to review.  I was not compensated in any other way.  All opinions expressed are my own. 


7 thoughts on “Ecover Cleaning Products Review & Giveaway {Sponsor Spotlight} #Honorearth”

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  3. Sounds like really great products.
    The shredded paper packing is great! You can use it for litter for your baby chicks then when it’s time to change the litter put the used litter on your garden.

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