Enjoy Delicious Pairings with Starbucks and Sams Club

With the cold weather starting to linger, it makes me want to bake more, cook delicious warm soups and bring on the hot cocoa and coffee.  I am actually really chilly as I sit down to write this post and Starbucks Holiday Blend Coffee sounds like just what I need to warm me up, inside and out.

Getting Exquisite Excellence at a Fraction of the Cost

Starbucks is a well-known name but truthfully, living in the country I would have to travel almost two hours to walk-into a brick and mortar Starbucks for a cup of coffee, or a latte or espresso.  Can’t you just smell the aroma that hits you when you walk in the door? That doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the same flavors and aromas, I just enjoy them from home while saving myself a bunch of money in the meantime.

We were headed out to Sam’s Club to pick up a few items we like to stock up on and while shopping I came across the new Starbucks Holiday Blend Coffee.  This particular blend is infused with ginger, pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, orange and cloves.  What a perfect combination to enjoy and smell.  Can you tell I enjoy the smells almost as much as the taste?

I was able to purchase this 28oz package of coffee for $18.98.  At our local supercenter I can purchase a 12oz bag for right at $10.  That is paying $.67 an ounce versus $.83 an an ounce at the store.  What an easy way to save by just purchasing in bulk.

What could be a more delicious pairing to go with the seasonal flavors of the special blend than some really yummy baked goods.  We headed to the bakery to the to locate some of the Artisan Fresh cinnamon rolls.  While we were not able to find that specific type, we did find so many other Artisan Fresh baked products. In the end we headed home with mini cinnamon rolls and a trio of sweet breads.

While I would normally have baked my own cinnamon rolls, it is nice to be able to just serve something delicious.  It was late when we got back home but I still had so much to accomplish.  I started brewing a few cups of my new coffee to help me be able to focus.  I enjoyed it with a little milk and cinnamon agave from Whole Sweetener.  Talk about a delicious treat!  The flavors were not intense so they were overpowering, but warm and with the hint of orange it made for a delicious cup of coffee.  Now if there were only a way to add a hint of chocolate it would be perfect for me!

A few days later we were going to sit down for some coffee and enjoy our treats together.  The breads were cinnamon, raspberry and pumpkin-all delicious flavors to enhance the flavors in the coffee.  Although I hadn’t really noticed the pumpkin in the coffee from trying it previously, now once I had it with the pumpkin bread it really enhanced the flavors of the pumpkin and cloves.

The cinnamon rolls had the same effect pulling out the nutmeg and ginger flavors.  They were delicious and enjoyed by the young ones just as much.  The children were a little disappointed they didn’t get to enjoy the coffee but they picked out fancy glasses to enjoy their milk and were soon distracted with the cinnamon rolls.

I thought the flavors were perfect to pair with any fall and winter baked treats or just as delicious by itself.  I love that I don’t have to spend several dollars on a cup of coffee and can still enjoy the Starbucks flavors right at home.

Try it For Free

For those of you that will be braving the shopping on Black Friday, Sam’s Club will open at 7am on Black Friday and will greet members with free Starbucks Holiday Blend coffee and Artisan Fresh pastries (while supplies last).  This would give you a chance to try it out for yourself and then pick up a bag with you fall in love with the rich flavors.

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    1. My children loved the raspberry bread (being it was pink) but I loved the pumpkin bread! They were all really flavorful but I enjoyed the pumpkin with my coffee. It is a perfect combination for the season.

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