Enjoying Playtime in Style with Janod and Imagine Toys

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My daughter is a tom-boy in certain respects.  We live in the country, she loves doing everything her older brother does.  She loves animals, LOVES animals of all kinds and would want two of everything right at home if she could.  When it comes to bugs and spiders she is more girly in that respect.  She enjoys playing with her brother’s trains and cars but even more so she loves her babies.

The kids have such a wild imagination.  They are good at pretending.  Right now as we speak she is pushing her new carriage, both her big and little Minnies are riding along and is talking on her play phone on her way to St. Louis.  I too loved dolls at her age.  She plays with her babies daily, having meetings, singing, taking them places, feeding them, switching clothing, you name it she does it.

I was so excited when an unexpected package arrived at our door about two weeks ago.  It wasn’t what we were planning but it was something even better!  What made this doll carriage so special?   We are a fan of heirloom toys, wooden and cloth.  While we have never owned a Janod product before, as I opened the package I could tell this was such a high quality toy.

The Framboisine Doll’s Pram

While Janod is a French company, even with the directions in French they were very easy to understand and put the doll carriage together.  With a wooden steam train design, it is ideal for your little girl just learning to walk.  It has just he right amount of weight to keep it balanced for your little one to push while carrying her dolls, teddy bears or like mine, her Minnie Mouse.  I love that the wheels are wooden and rubber and very quite as they make their way across the floor while not leaving any marks.

Although Addie is well beyond the learning to walk phase, she does love pushing around her carriage.  The height is still perfect for her and unlike another plastic carriage she previously played with, this one doesn’t tip.  She has faithfully played with it multiple times a day since we have had it and I know will continue to love it.

Heirloom Toys Found at Imagine Toys

This is the second time we have looked for a high quality wooden toy from Imagine Toys.  With something for everyone and any budget, you can sort by price, age, interest, brand.  They literally have something for every child in your family.  I love how easy their site is to navigate and how friendly and helpful the people behind Imagine Toys are.

Today is the final day to order to have it arrive by the 24th of December, so if you are looking for something truly special, something that can be valued and cherished for many years, look no further than Imagine Toys.

Disclosure:  I was provided with a product for review purposes only.  All opinions are as always, 100% my own. 

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