Even Little Cars Need Chrome

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A few months ago I introduced to you a new line of wooden toy cars, MOTORWORKS.  When I was asked if I wanted to review the newest additions to the lines I had to say, “Yes”!  These are  not just any toy car, they are made from the finest beechwood and are made to entertain your little one by being completely customizable and interchangeable!

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What child doesn’t love to take something apart and reassemble it just the way you want, with the colors you want.  Our MOTORWORKS cars usually end up with four different colored wheels but in reality, it is all good.  It is their toy and I don’t want to stand in their way of self expression or creativity.

Motorworks  racer pack

These vehicles are uniquely designed with a common, convertible chassis and durable vehicle parts that can customize any vehicle in the line.  They have awesome add-ons that include ground effects, custom wheels, side pipes and spoilers that simply snap onto any vehicle’s chassis.  Even the custom car decals are reposition-able, allowing your vehicles to go from street to extreme with just a quick swap-out.

The Race Power Pack is perfect for us as it comes with two cars, one for each child to play with because even my doll loving girls loves to play cars with her brother.

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Any car enthusiast will tell you that the gold standard in auto extras is … chrome.  With only a $12 investment you can rev up the action with a customized look courtesy of MOTORWORKS™ by Manhattan Toy. The toymaker understands the beauty and the joy of a good-looking vehicle, even a pint-size one.  And my kids were beyond excited for the shiny chrome wheels and pieces to add to their cars.

motorworks chromeYou can see all the MOTORWORKS™ by Manhattan Toy varieties available at DrivenByFun as well as connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

What do you think your little one would most enjoy about the customize-able vehicles from Motorworks?

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