Expecting Our Third Blessing, Our Bonus Baby

So I have to say that on January 2nd when I felt that first spell of nauseousness as I smelled someone warming their lunch at work, my heart dropped. Although I had been wondering if I were indeed pregnant because of how I had been feeling, it was the furthest thing from my plans. 2013 was going to be my year to really focus on priorities for my family. Austin was turning five and going to start homeschooling and Addie would be four in the summer. They are such a fun age!

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While I waited that two minutes to look at the pregnancy test I felt that my heart was going to beat out of my chest.  When it showed two lines, I laughed. I cried. I sobbed and then starting shaking. I just couldn’t wrap my head around it.

This year marked our ten-year anniversary for Bryan and I and we had a big family vacation scheduled!  We were headed to Disney World for 10 days with the children.  They were beyond excited and so was I.  Not excited for myself to go but so excited for my children.  After we had been last summer, they talked about it almost each and every day.  They can’t wait to go back.  Now with the difficulties I face during my pregnancies, I knew it would be out of the question.  We vacationed closer to home instead in St. Louis.

With a new baby, it brings many life changes.

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This wasn’t our first nor our second so we had made many adjustments.  Adding a third shouldn’t mean that many more, right?  Well since we had decided to stop after our second child, we thought we were finished with the baby stage.  With bringing home baby Bethany it meant getting all those newborn items, again.  Good thing this time I really knew what we would use!  It also means that our family car, our four door very faithful car we bought the year we got married would no longer work for transporting our entire family.

Sometimes we don’t think about all the changes we have to make when adding a new addition to the family.  We has officially made it to the mini-van stage in life!  Although I have an older mini-van we purchased about 18 months ago, now it is time for us to consider upgrading both vehicles to something that can transport all of us, all five of us!  Since all three children are still in car seats, a mini-van is the best option for us.

kia sedonaphoto credit: theKCB via photopin cc

In checking out some of the newest mini-vans available, we couldn’t help but notice the new 2014 Kia Sedona.  With its amazing 10-year, 100,000 mile warranty, what is there not to love!  It gets an average of 20.5 miles to the gallon, a bit better than my 18.5 miles to the gallon I currently get on my older mini-van.

One of the most important features that we look at is safety.  My entire purpose for living will be riding in our van!  The Sedona models come equipped with a comprehensive group of safety features including stability/traction control and anti-lock brakes with electronic brake-force distribution.  I really like how the Kia Sedona mini-van is  designed!

What features do you look for when shopping for a new vehicle?

After the initial first few months of shock wore off, I began to get more excited.  With the children being so excited for their own new baby to arrive, how could I not?  Bethany is due to arrive in a very short amount of time!  During these finals two-three weeks we are trying to prepare for her arrival!

What do you think was the biggest challenge to overcome when you added a new baby into your life?

Although we haven’t yet rescheduled our trip back to Disney World, we know we will be!  We usually drive on our family vacations and will be renting a vehicle for the duration of our trip.  I can’t wait to see if we can find a Kia Sedona mini-van to try out on our journey from Arkansas to Florida!  Being able to test drive a vehicle for that length of time really allows you to test out all the features and see how it will work for us in real life!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

6 thoughts on “Expecting Our Third Blessing, Our Bonus Baby”

  1. I recently had my 3rd baby too, and fitting 3 car seats into a vehicle is a challenge. This minivan would work great for you. Congrats on the new baby!

  2. There’s a 10 year gap between our third (who is almost 5 months now) and our other two children. We thought we were done. We were told we were, anyway… but life expands. He’s been everything we never imagined we needed. Hold on tight, girl. It’s a bumpy road, but it’s so much fun!

    1. Thank-you! There is only four years gap between my youngest and our soon to be new little one but when you have your mind set that you are finished it can be a challenge to overcome. I know that she will bring nothing but blessings!

  3. We definitely think of safety first when we shop for vehicles. After that it’s the leg room and storage space. Congrats on this pregnancy! You know I’m excited for this next journey of yours!

  4. With our unexpected bundle of joy we had to shop for a new vehicle. We needed lots of room for not only our family of 4 but we also need room for a stroller and other storage. Plus, we wanted a reliable vehicle. Congrats on your 3rd child. You look amazing.

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