Experience a Child’s Imaginary Play


As a young child I played with my dolls daily, they were my friends and companions.  We took many journeys, traveled to far away places, experienced life, had families and played together.

I always loved my dolls, but they became ever so much more the year I broke my femur bone and was placed in a body cast.  At the age of four I was no longer mobile and watched other children play outside through windows or on from a blanket on the grass while I was stationary.  During that time, my dolls had the adventures I could not.  They allows me to use my imagination and have companionship.

I pray that my own daughters never need a body cast to learn how much fun their dolls can be.  At the ages of three and seven, I hear them playing from another room and can’t help but smile.  I remember the days in some ways like it was yesterday and it was myself on that floor.

Mine are now at the age to truly enjoy imaginary play.  Sometimes I can’t help but to giggle a little as I over hear their adventures they are pretending to take.  When I was offered a set of Everyday Princess dolls for my girls to take on their adventures, I couldn’t have been more excited!  Everyday Princess is a collection of mini dolls that encourages imaginary play and believes that every little girl is a princess, every single day.  They encourage girls to explore, collect, and imagine in a world of simple, stylish and portable play.


The Everyday Princesses ZipBin Dollhouse Backpack allows the girls to pack them up and take them with us anywhere, literally.  The backpack holds all their friends and animals and folds out into an actual playhouse.  Isn’t that so cool!  It is compact and yet opens up just like their own imaginations during playtime.  Complete with Everyday Emma, it will provide your everyday princess with countless hours of fun.


The horses set that is better known as the ZipBin Pony Rainbow Park and Bucky the Pony, is also a tote that can be carried along with the animals or dolls inside, then with a quick un-zip of the sides, you can open it up to be a full play center with a park and pond to let your little one imagine what it would be like to go horse back riding or take a nature walk through the park.  They could imagine picnicking by the pond or perhaps fishing or feeding the fish.  The ideas are endless, just like their imaginations.


In the world we live in, they need to have safe places to where they can pretend anything is possible.  Their imaginations allow them to create their own experiences without limits.

Now that they are fans, they have asked when we will add another friend or animal to our happy family of Everyday Princess dolls.  You can find the full collection of the Everyday Princess line on neat-oh.com.

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