An Explanation to the Silence


Just a quick note, I wanted to let you know that the reason why the blog has been rather quiet lately is that I have been working on the backend trying to get a few things worked out.  You see, someone that I do not know, or does not know me hacked my site.  Why?  Just to prove they can I guess.

Some individuals have nothing better to do with their time than try to make life difficult for others that they do not even know.  It is a sad but it is how the some in this world are.

bethany-six-months (1 of 1)

We should be back to normal posting in the next few days but just wanted to share why it has been rather quiet.  On the positive side, Bethany turned six months just a few days ago.  Where has the time gone?

austin-smile (1 of 1)

Since this post is on the short side, I thought I would share some of my daily sunshine with you to enjoy!

addie-smile (1 of 1)

It is their smiles and laughter that keeps me going every day.  No matter what life throws your way, always look to what brings you laughter.


2 thoughts on “An Explanation to the Silence”

  1. Amanda, I’m so sorry to hear about your being hacked into. That’s horrible!! I’m sure I speak for all when I say hopefully all will be resolved as quickly and painlessly as possible. You have a great attitude. Thank you for sharing your sunshine with us. Your children are as beautiful inside as they are out, a real joy to be with.
    Love you,

    1. Thank-you Jackie! People have more time on their hands than they know what to do with and enjoy being destructive. I am thankful that I didn’t loose everything. So I can handle an inconvenience. They love to make people smile 🙂

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