For Those Times We Need Extra Protection: Sam’s Club

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Buying in bulk for a large family just makes sense.  It really does save me time and in the end, lots of money.  Buying in bulk is an easy way I can help my grocery budget stay on track.  One of my favorite places to purchase bulk grocery items is from Sam’s Club.  Not only does Sam’s Wholesale Club offer many organic bulk items but I can accomplish so much more with just a single trip.  And the fact that my sister’s love to come with me to use my Sam’s Club Membership, well that is a bonus too!

For me, shopping usually means juggling all three kids while I try to make sure Miss Addie gets to check off everything from our list.  I am thankful my kids love to be on the go but when I can make one stop and take care of more than just one item on my to-do list, that makes me happy!  I can usually take advantage of at least one of their many services during my shopping trip.  I have gotten new tires for my van, printed out photos, visited their Optical shop and checked out the latest style frames and have even gotten prescriptions filled in the Pharmacy.


One of my favorite services that Sam’s Club offers is their protection plans.  I never use to be a fan of purchasing additional warranties or protection plans but oh how the times have changed!  I can think of three, make that four, very good reasons: 1-Austin, 2-Addie, 3-Bethany and 4-myself!  Ok, seriously I have used this service twice in the last few months.  And yes, I was so thankful I had spent the extra few dollars to purchase it.  Even more, I was SO happy with just how simple it was to use!

This is how it happened…my phone stopped working, I called and created a claim.  I was sent a prepaid label.  A few days later I had a gift card to buy a new phone (since it couldn’t be repaired).  It was painless!

trysamsclub-protection-plan-shop (6 of 6)

Sometimes I need protection for myself, like my shiny new iron I just picked up for Hubby this week.

trysamsclub-protection-plan-shop (4 of 6)

Other times, I need extra protection for my sneaky little helpers!

Be sure to hunt down the blue labels next time you are shopping in Sam’s Club.  The peace of mind knowing my products are protected (from normal use) makes spending the money for new purchases a little easier to swallow.

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To learn all about the services included in the Sam’s Club membership cost, connect with Sam’s on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+.

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  1. I often forget about the Protection Plans at Sam’s Club. I’m in the market for some new electronics here soon, so I’ll definitely have to keep that in mind! Thanks for sharing!! #client

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