Family Fun at the Little Rock Zoo

LR Zoo entrance

Over the last weekend in May we had the chance to visit the Little Rock Zoo.  I haven’t been there since I was a child but have very fond memories of visiting with my family.  This time it was our first visit as a family with our children, why did we wait so long?

LR zoo giraffe statues

Half-way through the day we met the kids cousins and they had a great time exploring until the Tornado Warning was issued.  We had seen about half the zoo and made our final stop on the fantastic Carousel!  The kids had a blast riding.

LR zoo sibling love

Conservation is a daily goal at the Little Rock Zoo with a focus on implementing sustainable practices throughout the Zoo and educating the staff and public about environmentally friendly practices.  Here are a few ways the zoo is striving to be more sustainable:


As an educational institution, the Little Rock Zoo is focused on conserving the natural world around us. Not only is the Zoo concerned about the lives of the plants and animals exhibited, but also about the natural resources used here every day.

The zoo even has a new logo that features recycling to remind us to help us PROTECT OUR PLANET!

LR Zoo cousins

Clean Air:

The Zoo has made efforts to reduce the amount of gas-operated vehicles to reduce pollution. Currently two-thirds of the Zoo’s utility vehicles are electric powered and bicycle carts are even used for short trips around the Zoo.  Talk about fun & green!

Energy Savings:

The Facilities Operations department is actively converting to energy saving ballast and T-8 fluorescent light bulbs to conserve energy.  Currently, 90% of the Zoo has been switched to T-8 fluorescent light bulbs.

LR zoo conservation sign

Water Conservation:

Whenever possible native plants have been featured in the Zoos landscape. By using the native plants they generally require less water and have fewer pest and disease problems than exotic species.  In an effort to conserve water, the Zoo also is emphasizing the use of drought tolerant plants, a practice known as Xeriscaping.

LR Zoo real giraffe

I love learning about ways companies try to conserve in their every day actions.  We purchased an annual pass and can not wait to go back soon!

How often do you take your children to the zoo?

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