Family Fun in Cancun Mexico

Travel has become a love of our family’s, especially the children.  Although this is a sponsored post, Cancun is a destination on our growing travel bucket list.

Cancun oceanphoto credit: Rodrigo Accurcio via photopin cc

With clear, blue seas and white sandy beaches, Cancun holidays are an excellent choice for a family vacation. The beach attractions are ideal for family days spent building sand castles and swimming in the warm waters.

Away from the beach, there are also many family friendly resort hotels, fantastic activities and great attractions for the whole family, with many of them being perfect for the budget-conscious family.

Water Parks

Cancun has two water parks to spend the day splashing around in, Wet N Wild is a water-based theme park with adventurous water slides, pools for children of all ages and an artificial river to float and relax in.

Sea Adventure is a resort with a fantastic water play area. It’s $30 for a visitor day pass, and this includes all you can eat and drink, which is perfect if your growing family are constantly eating!

dolphinphoto credit: Dolpcom via photopin cc

Swim with Dolphins

A once in a lifetime experience for your kids, Cancun offers many opportunities to swim with dolphins. This is often a dream for many kids (and adults!); it’ll be amazing to see your children’s faces light up when they realize what a treat you have in store!

mayan ruinsphoto credit: guerillagrrl via photopin cc

Mayan Ruins

A history lesson for the whole family, the Cancun area boasts a selection of Mayan ruins. Mayan culture dates back at least to 1800 BC, and evidence of their settlements is still visible today, particularly in the Cancun area.

Visit El Rey near the Hilton Club, which is named after the skeleton of a king found on the site, and is thought to have had its heyday from 1250 to 1630 AD. There are two temples which were watchtowers and lighthouses over 600 years ago!

Treetop Canopy Tour

For kids three and  over, 40 minutes south of Cancun you can travel over the jungle on a series of 12 zip lines which cover two miles of jungle. This is a thrill: the fastest canopy tour in Cancun!  The guides will ensure you and your family are safe at all times, while you soar above the treetops of the Mayan jungle.

Affordable Cancun

Cancun is an affordable destination, with reasonably priced flights.  There are many affordable accommodations from luxury hotels to private condo rentals to save money for larger families.

Finally, a Cancun Discount Card will give you 2 for 1 discounts on food and some tours, which is an excellent saving for your family.

From wild water, to history fun, there’s something for the whole family in Cancun.

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