Family Game Night Ideas: Hedbanz™ Electronic

There is never a dull moment in the house. We seem to go in a fast-forward mode from breakfast until dinner with little time to breathe in between. The time goes so quickly so we are working hard to really focus on the moments when we need to work with school or work so we can complete it and move onto having time to spend enjoying the moments with each other.

Growing up in a large family, we were often gathered around our table or in our family room playing cards. We played a lot of cards and to honest, I always loved it. We spent a lot of time laughing, enjoying conversation and joking.

My big kids have reached an age that they love playing games in our down time. They have their favorites we have stumbled on, some I played as a child myself, others are new games we have found more recently. Some days we play games in the afternoon, other days we play in the evening.

family game night headbanz

Playing games teaches them problem solving skills, coordination, spontaneity, colors, numbers, cooperation and being a team player and so many other life skills. Let’s keep it real, we are still working on always wanting to win and being a poor sport when others win, but we will get there some day.


Thanks to Spin Master Games we were able to try out their latest game, Hedbanz™ Electronic edition. Seriously, think charades, guessing games and 100,000 Pyramid all rolled into one game.  While it is meant to be played in teams of two or more for ages 7+, we always get our little ones involved in some way and Miss B was able to play too!

The name Hedbanz™ Electronic really describes it well.  Hedbanz™ Electronic is the fast-paced, team-based electronic version of the quick-question game of “What Am I?”  You wear a heandband, or in this case a Hedbanz™ Electronic with a picture card attached.  The card has a picture and a word.  You don’t get to see it, you have to guess what your word is with the help of your team mate.  Sound like fun?  It is!!!


The game is equipped with an “Electronic Host” that determines which game mode will be played each round.  There are three ways to play: Ask It, Do It, or Describe It. The Host not only directs the game, it keeps track of time and keeps your score.


When you Ask it, you are allowed to ask yes or no questions.  For example: “Am I food?” “Am I a vegetable?” “Am I ketchup?”  Describe it, you simply describe what it is to your partner is crime.  Do it, it is super fun, you get to act it out.  Who doesn’t love looking silly while trying to describe something?  Best of all, you are pressured by time.


Once the kids understood what they needed to do, it was so much fun listening to them describe the picture card, watching them figure out how to describe their words and ask questions.  Lots of silly faces, dancing and high fives were in order.  I was truly impressed with the awesome ways their little minds worked to describe or act out clues.  Some they were able to get in one clue!

Hedbanz™ Electronic is truly an ever-changing, exciting family game experience that is sure to become a family favorite.  Be sure to check out the Hedbanz™ Electronic game on Amazon, the prices change often but it is a steal right now!



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