Reality Check! My February Goals

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Can you remember back to the time when time seemed to almost stand still? I can. I can see myself as a child sometimes when I look into my children’s eyes. When they ask every five minutes if it has been an hour yet.

Now, the days pass by like the sand that falls in an hourglass. They slip away faster than we can grasp. That is the exact reason we need to make the most of each and everyday.

As I sit to write this down it is hard to believe that the entire month of January has already slipped through our fingers. I didn’t accomplish nearly what I wanted to but made some great memories and shared each day with the ones I love.¬† Couldn’t ask for much more!

As sad as I am to see January go, I am excited for February to begin.¬† This month we will finally be in the last stages with our house, which has had every road block imaginable.¬† I have come to accept if it finally works it must be God’s will, if it doesn’t, I am thankful we have¬†a great house to live in.¬† I think it is¬†more a mind frame for me, it may be that I need to be content.¬† So however the cards (or houses) fall, I am ready to accept¬†it and move forward.

With that said, I have a long to-do list for February.¬† I am so excited because I have a new contributor starting this month.¬† Can’t wait to share her with you!

Okay, down to business.

February Goals:

I purchased the beginning¬†pieces to begin¬†of our Project Life albums.¬† I still haven’t picked out our large family album but did purchase albums for both¬†of the children so that they can both document¬†things from their prospective.¬†¬†Now to put my HP¬†Envy printer to good use so I can actually print some¬†of the photos the kids off.

  1. Sew at least two memory animals during February.  If they are successful I will share the patterns.
  2. Post personal posts to the blog 2-3 times a week.
  3. Complete one diy project.
  4. Sew a minimum of an hour a week.
  5. Create an upcycled outfit for each of the children.
  6. Make a meal together with each child once a week.
  7. Take each of the older children on a date.
  8. Learn two new songs with the children.
  9. Drink 64oz+ of water daily.
  10. Exercise 4x a week for 30+ minutes.¬† (chasing children doesn’t count)

I have more but don’t want to set the bar too high!¬† This year one of our goals is to get back on track with our eating.¬† During my pregnancy with the baby I was doing good to feed the kids and fed them many things I had never given them.¬† This year I plan to get back on my feet with wholesome homemade foods that are nutritious.

Okay, now that I have shared my goals for this month, it is your turn!

Share one goal you are working towards accomplishing during the month of February.

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