Fight Off the Heat With These Cool Tips

Today’s post about dealing with summer time’s heat is a sponsored post.

Summer. It’s a season often welcomed with open arms after a cold and long winter. However, summer begins to wear out its welcome when the temperature rises into the triple digits and the heat becomes unbearable—and you start wishing for winter to come around the corner. Getting through a hot summer doesn’t have to be painful. Knowing a few tips to cool your home by effectively using your air conditioning unit can help you fight off the heat.

Start with these suggestions to keep the heat wave at bay—or at least tolerable—in your home:

Know How to Efficiently use Your Air Conditioning Unit

It’s probably crossed your mind to not run your air conditioning unit during the summer months so you could save money. However, tolerating the heat from high humidity and weather that’s more than 100 degrees isn’t worth it. While it’s possible that you can tough out the heat, you may want to reconsider if you have small children or elderly adults at home. The extreme heat in your home could lead to health problems like dehydration or a heat stroke. Achieve the best of both worlds—a reasonable utility bill and a comfortable temperature in your home—by efficiently using your air conditioning unit by following these tips:

Close off the vents in the lower level of your home. Closing those vents will force the cool air to come up to the top level first and cool down to the lower level. Otherwise, if you leave the vent open, the cool air will most likely stay in the lower part of your home.

Inspect your air conditioning unit: Your air conditioning unit may be working harder than it needs to. A tune-up can help ensure that your air conditioning unit works effectively. A tune-up typically involves inspecting the vent system, clearing out any blockage, fixing leaks, and more. An energy audit can also help you identify ways to make your unit operate more efficiently.

Set your temperature to 78 degrees when home: When you’re driving long distances, setting your vehicle on cruise control instead of hitting the gas pedal helps to save on gas. Likewise, setting your air conditioning to 78 degrees is like putting your unit on cruise control and set your unit working at an optimal performance level.

Increase to 85 degrees when you’re away from home: If you’re at work or running errands most of the day, turn up your AC to 85 degrees. You don’t want to increase your temperature much higher because your unit will have to work harder to cool down your home when you lower the temperature.

Cover the windows and turn off the lights: Heat from interior home lights and sunlight coming through your windows can increase the temperature in your home. Close your blinds and turn off unnecessary lights to keep the heat out and keep the cool air in.

Install a celling fan: Additional fans in your home circulate the cool air, helping your home to use less energy from your air conditioning unit. A ceiling fan also adds a decorative touch to your home.

Your home is a place of refuge and should remain that way even during the summer months. With these tips, you’ll be able to save some money on your utility bills as well as your sanity during a heat wave.

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